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🌀{{Paradigm Shifting}}🌀

Peace all, I’m rena daughter of Layla, daughter of Saadia. I’m star-seed & stewardess of the earth & my unique soul mission is to help facilitate healing & spiritual ascension for both earth & human bodies through reclaiming & activating, the eternal, the divine, the sacred al7. I’ve been blessed w/a curriculum curated by my Heaven’s team since moment one of conception that I’ve been ordered to share w/ the collective.Here’s the thing though…

I’m not for everybody.Since my very beginnings, I have been shown & inspired to unplug from the mainstream, to charter new courses, to carve out sacred paradigms of knowing & living. Unlike most, I have been paradigm shifting since moment one of my existence;I started the exact moment I entered my mother’s womb al7.

Yet, because I have always been an outlier, operating outside of the norm, learning to thrive in the margins of consciousness & working to be liberated from the bondage of group think, I often forget that most people are just not ready for the same. That’s totally OK! I also trust in Divine Timing. al7

I’m here for those ready for radical transformation,those who are down to get dirty w/ the inner work, those seeking deep soul healing. I’m here w/energy medicine al7. Ahlan wi sahlan if you’re down, you’re more than welcome on my train.

If not, all good! Just as I am only inviting you to alchemize & ascend w/me, I ask that you too free me of any expectations to get on your train. Forgive me if I’m not bonded to your traumas, your fears, your beliefs or your rules. I don’t have to be afraid of the same thing the whole world is afraid of to be worthy of the respect & dignity of journeying thru my path w/out being shamed, guilted or in bondage to your traumas. I don’t have to believe what you believe to be on Haqq/Truth. I hold this true for you & I ask you the basic human kindness of holding this true for me too.

My opinions,insights & offerings can be so radical,you may hate them or end up hating me.That’s fine too! But rather than projecting that on to me, I ask that you work with that feeling within you. Because it is yours not mine.al7

Beaming Light to all of you. Peace.

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