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::🌹Tending Calm 🌹:: ☀️Summer Solstice Iced Tea Recipe☀️

I’ve been loving and sipping on 🌱Tulsi aka Sacred/Holy Basil 🌱 for a few weeks now. Its an adaptogen [an adrenal tonic] and immune booster; so, I’ve noticed better sleep, less irritability and definitely some immune support– so far I have not been taken down by the head cold that hit the household. 🙏🏾The adrenals are responsible for multiple crucial functions in the body including regulating blood pressure and stress hormones while also signaling other vital organs into certain crucial functions. Adrenals are where adrenaline is produced and so if your adrenals are struggling your nervous system is too and you can have symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc. I personally have sluggish adrenals and constantly need to nourish and care for them. I do daily adrenal cocktails🍹and some kind of herbal adaptogen, changing it up every now and then so that my system never gets used to something. Our bodies can get so familiar with certain foods and medicines that after time it just stops working as medicine and needs to be changed. But that’s a topic for a whole other post. For now, I’ve added about 2-3 cups of Tulsi Tea to my daily adrenal support by infusing the dried leaf along with nettles below. And I’m feeling the benefits.


🌿Stinging nettles🌿 is a super herb! In fact, many herbalists call nettles the multivitamins of herbs. It is abundant with trace minerals, nutrients amd vitamins! I often recommend nettle infusions for my clients who have low potassium levels in their HTMA results because potassium is a difficult mineral to get and nettle infusions have a whopping per 600mg per quart! Potassium is an essential trace mineral and electrolyte and is necessary for a host of vital processes in the body including regulating heart rhythm and blood pressure. People with a potassium deficiency often have symptoms of arrhythmia, blood pressure irregularities, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, hypothyroidism, constipation, depression, sugar cravings and much more.

I don’t usually recommend isolated minerals or vitamins because they generally do not occur in isolation in nature. All minerals and nutrients naturally occur in whole foods with a host of other co-nutrients and cofactors that assist in the body’s utilization of the nutrients. Read the recipe and the incredible nutrient breakdown for nettle infusions here.


Finally, I added a bit of 🌹Egyptian Rose🌹 to the brew for ❤ heart tending ❤. As you may know, rose bequeths its signature upon the heart as it has been an excellent plant ally for all emotional upsets and heart disturbance for milennia. Egyptian rose is the best medicinal and fragrant rose variety according to several of my teachers and it is especially helpful for me as my DNA carries the memory or thousands of years of Egyptian rose as medicine. Egyptian rose is my personal plantcestor. Whenever I add rose to my brews, I feel more centered and clear. My heart feels more accepting and open. Rose is also great for the skin, female hormone regulation and the digestive system. I change my daily brews depending on season and my needs, etc. But rose usually ends up making the cut every time. It really helps bring me a sense of peace. I added the rose to the infusion towards the end. Read more on the benefits of rose here.


And I added a bit of mint from the garden for flavor and for my internal fire that is currently kindling for the summer solstice. After letting the brew cool down I poured it over some ice. But its just as yummy as hot tea in the evening before bed. I may or may not make similar recommendations based on your individual HTMA results. Everyone has different needs but this is a good infusion for most people as most people can use some adrenal love, some immune boosting and much heart tending. Plus, it’s refreshing and fun during the spring and summer- feels like an internal soothing bath.

I’ve been thinking more and more about handcrafting my own tea blends as an offering to my clients. Usually, when I make a recommendation for tea, I also offer a few options for how and where to get or make them. But perhaps handcrafting my own blends with intention for healing, ease and flow would be better? What do you think? Would you be interested in my own personal handcrafted herbal blends? An idea is brewing [pun intended].

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