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💠⚕ History of Inoculation ⚕💠

Did you know that inoculation was practiced in Ancient Egypt & China, Medieval Islam & probably most indigenous cultures? Probably not because colonization pretends that only Europeans discovered & know everything.


The ancients used to inoculate against small pox by scraping some infected discharge from a small pox pustule into the skin of a healthy person. The minute dose of the disease would be enough to stimulate an immunological response (not an antibody ONLY response) that would be milder & without risk of complications to the disease than had the person come down with a full blown infection.


To stop an outbreak or epidemic of smallpox, the circle of people around the first affected person would be inoculated first & they would then be quarantined while they expressed symptoms during the immunological response, which is the learning phase of the disease state. This would keep the circle of infection under control and eliminate the possibility of further spread.


There are other ancient, time-tested, safe & effective systems of managing epidemics & disease– don’t believe the hype that we’re the only humans that figured this shit out. (Does it even look like we have anything figured out though?!) On the contrary, the colonizers stole a bunch of sacred medicines & pathways, distorted the paradigm, corrupted it with racism, capitalism & profit driven motives & then demonized our ancestral medicines labeling them obsolete witchcraft & pseudoscience.


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a safe time-tested sacred science that is in line with the natural physiological process of infectious diseases & the evolutionary prerogative of the earth. It utilizes the energetics of disease to educate the immune system towards prophylaxis.


HP is available for all current viral strains, even diseases there are no vaccines for.

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