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💥$100 OFF HTMA + Nutritional Balancing💥

In honor of this Mercury Retrograde, which is calling us to go inwards for self-examination in order to GET FREE, I am offering a major discount on my most popular service HTMA + Nutritional Balancing.


With this service you get a window into your unique biochemical blueprint as well as a personalized nutrition plan addressing your individual needs.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a lab test of your hair sample to determine mineral ratios and deficiencies as well as levels of heavy metal toxicity, which can give us huge insights into any metabolic or system dysfunctions you may have.


Minerals are fundamental to our cellular make up and involved in all metabolic and molecular processes because cells are made up of molecules and molecules are made up trace minerals/elements.


With your HTMA lab results we could determine what is at the core of your health problems and how to balance your overall health as well as specific systems in dysfunction through nutrition and orthomolecular support.


True liberation requires individuation & HTMA gives you an opportunity to get to know your individual cellular, metabolic, organ & system functions, so that you can address your personal needs through a recommended nutrition plan tailored just for you.


Click Here & enter coupon code <GetFREE100> for $100 off. Offer expires June 22, when mercury goes direct.


Watch my IGTV on HTMA + Nutritional Balancing for more info here.

Feel free to DM me for more info or for questions or concerns.


I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards liberation.

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