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I was recently reminded to tap into Divine Flow when I found myself hitting a wall with IG. As you may know, I just launched the Sassi-Carberry Talks w/ @alexander.carberry on IG Live with a conversation on “Deracializing Medicine” a few weeks ago that went so well and I was so excited about. But the recording was never saved to IGTV and lost forever. Over the course of 2 weeks, I uninstalled and reinstalled IG & IGTV several times from 2 different devices but was unable to get IGTV on my page. One of my regular prayers to the Divine “is if is something is not good for me or for the greater good, slam that door in my face.” [Shout out to @maryamhasnaa for that duaa]. This felt like a door slamming in my face. Alhamdulillah, Allah answers all prayers!


So what does one do when slammed in the face or blocked? “Be like water,” says my spirit guide M.Sh. Nazim (qs). “We must be like running water– a river, a spring– flowing out. When it runs, water always follows the easy course, avoiding difficulties & passing through easy ways, not stopping. If it finds a place, a hole, it fills it and then runs again. If finding a rock, it does not try to cut through the rock but changes its way and runs, never stopping. If it stops, it fills that place and runs also.” ~ M.Sh. Nazim (qs)


Being like water is being in Divine Flow. It is being in surrender and in trust of the unknown, of the unplanned, the unexpected, and the unwanted. Being in flow means following a course of ease or the path of least resistance– not forcing, not insisting, not acting like we know what is best. This may be easier in situations of IG tech glitches like mine but feel impossible in moments of crises; as it takes much courage to act and live on faith rather than fear of the Divine Plan/Flow.


How can we be more like water when the world stiffens up around us and shuts us down? How can we respond from faith and surrender instead of react from fear and resistance? The advice of my spiritual teacher is to “leave it” and look rather for the way of ease. Be curious, look in different directions, find the cracks in the rocks and take the unexpected and unwanted turns. That is returning to our natural state, our natural and original state of divine flow– A flow that is of perfect sacred design, sacred geometry.

Here are some ways to cultivate the water quality of surrender & flow within: // an attitude of gratitude // flower essences of Cherry Plum, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Aspen // meditation // breath work // observing& communing w/ nature & water in the earth body and your own body. Healing our relationship with the earth’s waters will level us up in Divine Flow tremendously.


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