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💧{{ H Y D R O T H E R A P Y }}💧 =Releasing + Receiving

A traditional medicinal practice across all cultures & times, hydrotherapy is the alchemical practice of using water & heat & cold to bring healing to the physical body & specific organs as well our spiritual body thru detoxification, release, clearing, activation & revitalization.


Hydrotherapy was used in one shape or form by all of our ancestors to maintain health, wellness & equilibrium & to increase overall vitality & longevity.


I love saunas & spas! It is one of my favorite self-care activities & healing rituals. In LA I used to go to the Korean Spa at least once a month. Now here in Egypt I have found this wonderful spa oasis that I hope to frequent every few months. (See below).


This trip to the spa was especially healing for me as i have so much to release & let go of. I set the intention of releasing not only all the toxicity in my body & on a cellular level but also my old life in LA.


I said goodbye to my former dreams of buying a house in the mountains of California. I released attachments & cords to specific communities & people. I emptied my vessel to make room for new possibilities, connections, dreams & relationships.


I let go thru my sweat in the sauna. & I called in pure light, pure joy, pure gratitude & the highest freedom to fill the spaces that were emptied as I removed old blocks & structures & while I sat in the natural spring at the foot of the Sinai Mountains.


It’s been hard to be with all of this– these sudden & gigantic life changing decisions.


Simultaneously holding grief, joy & gratitude in equal parts is totally possible. I feel them all so intensely.


This spa was exactly what I needed to begin this release & to align w/ my home frequency. To hold space as I transform & transition.


I have nothing now, just gratitude & praise to The Most High.


@malakot.mountain.oasis is a quaint little healing portal with a traditional Temescal [Meso-American Sweat Lodge] + Sinai Mountain Spring owned & run by a beautiful couple. The temescal was built & is managed by the wife who is Mexican American & the oasis was ancestrally inherited by her husband, A Sinai Bedoin.


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