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As promised, I’m continuing w/my Archetypal Natal Chart (3rd photo) w/my mystic commanding my 2nd house– House of Personal Resources & Values.


The Mystic Archetype is the seeker of Divine Union, the 1 who is most in love w/& devoted to God.


The mystic in my 2nd house means that the only thing I truly give value & resource to is God. Meaning, that if I don’t see, feel or hear God in it, I don’t value it. & I’ve always been like this.


The light attributes of this archetype in my 2nd house manifests as having the ability to sense & intuit the Divine Quality in things & conversely the ability to sense distortion or false-light, lies & malevolence in things.


My mystic is only attracted to & gathers to anything that reminds me of God.


It also means that my personal belongings, my resources, even my view of money & finances  revolve around the Divine & seek Divine Qualities only. For example, 1 look at my bookshelf & you will see mostly Sufi & spiritual books, books on sacred traditions, sacred medicines, metaphysics & the spiritual sciences.


If something has been stripped of its sacred value, I don’t want it. This is probably why when younger, I was not interested in the sciences at school. B/c even tho I was good at biology, chemistry, math & physics, it was taught to me w/no spiritual applications.


I much preferred reading scripture & contemplating the rotation of the stars & planets than pursuing reductionist scientific theories. I always preferred the spiritual sciences to the material sciences– this quality in me is a combination of both my mystic & alchemist.


The shadow attributes manifest as an obsession w/ecstatic experiences (coupled w/ an addiction thanks to my Addict Archetype), delusions of special rapport w/The Divine, an aversion to money & escapist tendencies, or the tendency to want to retreat from society & the mundane.


The shadow of my orphan uses my mystic to appear disconnected fro people & society, they are the alien that doesn’t belong- the recluse, the weirdo, the outcast.


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