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Inner & Outer Continuity

I have been asked a few times in my life why I’m Muslim, because I believe all religions are true and from God.


Religions are an external language for interior universes. They all have a different language for expressing the same spiritual realities.


Islam for me, is the most resonant. It speaks & completes the language of my soul.


And it’s the most congruent. For me, it has the most continuity between the inner or esoteric & the outer, or exoteric, dimensions.


I also resonate very much w/ Native American spirituality & Hinduism, & I have a deep respect & reverence for all the world’s spiritual traditions but they are not my soul’s language.


I also know that when trying to reach a destination, taking one path will get me there faster & more efficiently than taking many.☝🏽


[**To be clear, by religions I mean spiritual traditions not centralized systems like the church or institutionalized orthodoxies.


I mean God’s religions, not the stuff made by men.]


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