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Only One☝🏽

Is it possible to integrate a split heart? To bring back together that which fragments & becomes distant?


When the heart splits, how do we know which way to follow?


In reality the heart doesn’t split, the heart is always whole. It is the projection the heart has internalized & is carrying that is fractured. Because in reality everything is connected & everything is in eternal contact w/ the All That Is.


To clear the heart of ego projections of separation & lack, to cleanse it of external whispering & limiting beliefs, is to bring the heart back to its original & true state, to be one with the All That Is.


This is my initiation. I am learning this lesson as I write this. As my heart once again feels split by geography, by distance, by time & space. 2 days ago, my amazing parents & siblings moved out of the house my kids grew up in for 8 years in Glendale, CA. I watched as they moved my house in LA via video phone from Egypt, where family again has embraced me here.


In this moment, my heart is bursting with both the tightness of grief & the lightness of expansion.


I’ve had the life theme of my heart feeling geographically splintered, without roots, without a true home. And yet the closeness & tenderness i feel for both homes in my heart (LA & Cairo) is teaching me that I can be with both while appearing geographically separate because my body & my frequency are my home.


I am still whole in my losses & griefs because separation is an illusion, a space/time layer veiling an intricate invisible web of the inter & multi-connectivity of All That Is.


This is what I’m being initiated into right now– the knowing that no matter how far I am in physical distance from my family, friends & home, that we’re always connected in the realms beyond space/time.


That holding & expressing the awareness of oneness in my heart keeps me bonded in truth & in reality to my loved ones forever. What I experience & manifest wherever I am standing in the material world reverberates beyond time & is felt by all.


Sitting w/ grief, joy & gratitude in equal parts is teaching me that separation, distance & lack are only mind productions & in truth– all is One & i am always home.☝🏽

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