Liberation Medicine

Medicine that heals is medicine that sets you FREE

Decolonizing our cells, our souls & our medicine cabinets

My mission is to help you find the pathways & medicines to Liberate your mind, body & soul so that your unique expression of God's light can shine through you.

I help people heal from the part to the whole, from within to without, from above to below & vice versa.

I help you get FREE!

Decolonize & FREE your cells & your souls, the parts & the whole, the individual & the collective with Liberation Medicine

When we are healthy...

we are FREE to express the unique living light of God within us & to use our mind, body & soul for the higher purposes of our existence.

current offerings

Monthly Community Gatherings for those of us committed to the healing & liberation of the WHOLE (the collective) through the healing & liberation of the PART (the self).

Individualized on-call monthly homeopathy support with one 45 minute session per month with rena. There are individual or family plans available.

We offer a number of homeopathic services including
  • constitutional care for chronic conditions,
  • homeopathic detox,
  • homeopathic immunization
  • mentorship for practitioners.

A school for lovers of The Sacred with Self-Paced Programs & Live Events & Classes with Wisdom Keepers from around the world.

Liberation Gate
silhouette of person jumping in mid-air during daytime
silhouette of person jumping in mid-air during daytime

Monthly workshops dedicated to decolonizing our minds, bodies & souls from the predatory, materialist paradigm of the medical industrial complex.

Each month there will be a specific theme that we will explore including but not limited to:

  • paradigm shifting

  • psychological decolonization

  • decolonizing your medicine cabinet

  • at-home homeopathy practice

  • common ailments

  • metaphysics of dis-ease & health

  • traditional & natural medicines

  • nutrition & lifestyle

  • individual & community health

  • shadow work

  • soul & body literacy

  • body autonomy & self-determination

  • individualized medicine

  • natural medicinal allies

  • guest speakers & more!

The objective of these gatherings is to liberate our minds & bodies from orthodox industrial medicine by both anchoring in new paradigms, beliefs, & understandings about human health & disease on an individual & community level; as well as providing concrete skills & practices in homeopathy, natural medicine & traditional healing.

Workshops are accessible as one-time sessions or by monthly subscriptions. It is recommended to join the monthly subscription option so that you could receive continuous mentorship from me in the areas of energy medicine, homeopathy, natural medicine, decolonization & to liberate yourself thoroughly from the medical industrial complex and other predatory/materialist paradigms of Western colonization. 

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