Rena Sassi, M.A. CHom

When we are healthy we are FREE to express the unique living light of God within us & to use our mind, body & soul for the higher purposes of our existence.

My lineage in the healing sciences & arts are: Homeopathy & Sufi Metaphysics

My entire vision, practice & mission are built on the following metaphysical laws so eloquently described here by Sayidna Ali (r), who is known in our Sufi tradition as the City of Knowledge.

"Your remedy is in you, but you do not see it. Your malady is within you, but you do not perceive it. You presume that you are a small particle, but enfolded within you is the great universe. You are indeed that magnificent book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes evident. Therefore, you have no needs beyond yourself. Your essence and secrets are in you, if only you can reflect".

My job is to see the remedy within you, to perceive the malady you carry, to help you unfold your destiny & the great universe within, to help you read the book of your soul, to liberate your divine essence, secret & light to shine fully & completely here on earth.

My Guiding Principle

Turning dis-ease into medicine & activating your health freedom

My purpose is to help you find the pathways & medicines to Liberate your soul so that your unique expression of God's light can shine through you.

My Mission is to support you in becoming who You already are: whole, healed, complete & FREE.

After 15 years of working in the spiritual sciences & healing arts, I have found that...

  • the one most profound & universal cheat code to human transformation and healing is in the alchemy of turning darkness into light.

  • the deepest wound one carries also holds one’s blueprint to total and complete healing. 

  • every substance in the universe is both a poison and a medicine.

  • the venom holds the secrets of the cure.

  • the place of paradox, the place where you hold the greatest contradiction, the mystery within you, the place where polarities co-exist, the place where your river meets your sea or your day meets your night IS the place where you find your own unique constellation of medicines, the place where your healing occurs.

It is from my work with my clients, my children and my own self that I realized that freedom & health of both the individual & the collective is found in accepting the darkness, pathologies, brokenness within. In exploring it, in listening to it, in observing it, in consoling it, in loving it.

Just as according to our great teacher of divine love Malwana Jallal Eddin Rumi (q) says “these pains you feel are messengers from the beyond” and that “the wound is where the light enters,”...

My medicine is to witness your pathologies, the distortions in your systems or your soul’s dis-ease and then to help you find the medicines in them, so that you can GET FREE.

We are healthy in mind, when we are not bonded by group-think, when our thoughts flow FREELY & creatively & we are able to use our rational & cognitive faculties in service to a greater good.

We are healthy in our emotional body, when we are able to respond from a place of objectivity & neutrality, FREE from our wounds & our traumas.

We are healthy physically, when our body & it's many parts function harmoniously & FREE from suffering & codependence on drugs, chemicals & addictions.

When we are healthy on all those parts, we are healthy in our souls.

And when our souls are healthy, we are FREE to express the unique light of God within us & use our mind, body & soul as an instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.

My Philosophy

What I Do

I help you get FREE!

All I really do... is look at you. I look deeply within and around you to identify the disturbances that are causing dis-ease in your system and then we work together on freeing you from the disturbance & the bondages of dis-ease. See my philosophy to understand what that means in practical terms.

I look for your own constellation of medicines & offer you personalized medicine that is in line with natural and cosmic laws and that addresses the root cause in order to liberate your mind, body & soul from dis-ease.

I witness the metaphysics of your soul, how your body, mind, heart or soul may have been thrown off balance and help bring you back into your own authentic and original state, or sukuun– a state of tranquility through stillness.

I often say that "I only ever want to talk about God." And that's what I do with you, I look for God's Story in your story. So that YOU can bring YOURSELF back in alignment with your highest truth, with The Most High.

I help you re-member who you are in the cosmos, I help you discover your specific energetic signature & it's expression in your WHOLE reality-- mind, body & soul.

I help decolonize your beliefs on medicine & healing to support the liberation of your mind, body & soul by freeing you from the bondages of dis-ease.

I offer years of my Homeopathy experience to address energetic and root causes of illness, Homeopathic Immunization to educate the immune system towards infectious diseases & Homeopathic Detox to clear toxins out that block our healing & evolution. I also offer seasonal courses & monthly community gatherings to address & heal illness in the collective. 

I specialize in combining all of the above in supporting people of all ages with various complaints, to come into their organic home frequency– or their naturally whole, healed & FREE state.

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