Adrenal Cocktails: For Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia.

A Healthy Cocktail

rena sassi

4/3/20185 min read

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woman's portrait

Do you have anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of paranoia or intense fear? If you are a human being living in 2024, your answer is probably yes. This little secret nutritional gem of adrenal cocktails is about to change your life. Trust me!

I too didn’t believe it for a long time and dismissed it as fad but I realized its power when I began to take it regularly after I had an adrenal crash, fainted and smashed my face into concrete. As a homeopath and someone who has had a slow functioning thyroid for a couple decades now, I’ve heard a lot about the adrenals but up until a year ago I ignored my own adrenals while constantly supporting others to rebuild theirs. It wasn’t until I started to drink adrenal cocktails daily that I noticed a huge shift in my energy levels and a complete amelioration of my anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Can you believe it?! Just a little bit of a healthy unrefined salt and some cream of tarter in some orange juice daily completely freed me of my anxiety! Given, I am a homeopath and I use many healing tools like classical constitutional homeopathy, cell salts, herbs and spiritual medicine to heal myself but there was a different healing this time when I started drinking adrenal cocktails. I felt more energized and vitalized. My overall healing was also quicker and there were less aggravations than usual. I am a very sensitive person and will often have a healing crisis or experience a temporary worsening of symptoms before I get better. With adrenal cocktails I not only felt it gave me very specific healing in my mental/emotional and energetic health, but it also supported the other healing modalities I was using and increased their efficacy.

Most people need adrenal support because the modern human being is over-stressed and over-working the adrenal glands, which produce hormones that are vital to life, regulate stress, our nervous system and our blood pressure. The adrenal glands are also messengers that send and receive signals to other vital organs and systems in our body like the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, immune system, thyroid, nervous system and more!

And yet, most of us have imbalanced adrenals due to imbalanced lifestyles and diets. Even those of us with very healthy diets and lifestyles are likely to be over-taxing our adrenal glands due to the unnaturally high stress environments of modern life and politics and nutrient depletion and deficiencies in our food supply. Because the adrenal glands are the first to respond to a high stress or traumatic situation as they produce our stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and aldosterone as well as our sex hormones—they regulate our flight, fight or freeze responses and require constantly balanced levels of nutrients and minerals.

If you have anxiety, depression or insomnia and you're ready to go-- try this basic adrenal cocktail recipe. If I go one day without feeding my adrenals I get insomnia, that’s how taxed our adrenals are—they need constant support. The second I feel a bit of anxiety I go for a cocktail or take a pinch of Redmond's Real Salt or Himalayan Salt straight to the mouth, and I get instant relief. Yes, unrefined salt works faster for me in terms of healing headaches and anxiety than anything else I’ve ever tried—including homeopathy, Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy and even cannabis.

There are especially two primary minerals and one vital vitamin that are essential to the proper functioning of the adrenal glands—sodium, potassium and vitamin C. Now it is important to note that these 3 essential nutrients work in synergy with other essential trace elements and nutrients and I generally do not believe in increasing nutrients in isolation because nature does not make nutrients in isolation, nature makes nutrients in combination to work collaboratively together in the living organism. However, for the sake of learning how to best feed and care for our adrenals, we can understand that the majority of metabolic functions and processes in the adrenal glands are mostly regulated and managed by these 3 nutrients.

In the mineral balancing world, sodium and potassium are considered vitality nutrients or the minerals associated with one’s life force. They are stimulatory minerals and are needed in great quantity by the adrenals which burns sodium and potassium at high rates and therefore need to be constantly replenished. Vitamin C is needed as the adrenal glands carry the highest concentration of vitamin c than any other tissue or organ in the body. Thus, healthy adrenals constantly need to be fed sodium, potassium and vitamin C to maintain optimal function. Symptoms of adrenal imbalance are anxiety, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, low blood pressure, mental exhaustion, dizzy when standing, depression, inability to lose weight, etc.

So ok enough of the science, here’s the best part… the healing part. Because sodium and potassium are relatively easy minerals to balance, healing the adrenal glands and finally getting relief from regular anxiety, depression, or any of the symptoms mentioned above is just around the corner for you.

There are many ways to feed the adrenal glands but I found this cocktail to be the easiest and fastest way to do it and safe for most people. Herbs like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola can be great for the adrenal glands but I find that those herbs work better in certain adrenal dysfunctions and are not as universal in their usage. I have under-active adrenals and find that Rhodiola works better for me than Ashwagandha. I recommend you experiment a bit with different adrenal foods to see what gives you the most relief but make sure the herbs you try are not contraindicated for you.

Adrenal cocktails however can be used by anyone including pregnant people, children, the elderly, and whether or not one’s adrenals are producing too much or too little cortisol. Please note that sodium is only dangerous when taken as refined salt (i.e table salt or iodized salt) but that unrefined salts are so rich in minerals that they act as essential co-nutrients in the metabolism of sodium, therefore making unrefined salts with high sodium content extremely good for you even for those with high blood pressure.

Also, it is really important to understand that minerals work in collaboration with other minerals and nutrients and there is an antagonistic relationship between magnesium and sodium. As one’s magnesium goes up one’s sodium levels plummet which then causes the loss of potassium. Both sodium and potassium are not only needed for the adrenal glands but for many other metabolic functions and systems in the body.

However for now, daily adrenal cocktails will do most people great good and is highly recommended if you suffer from anxiety, depression, mental and physical fatigue, low energy, low blood pressure, hypothyroidism and/or unexplainable weight gain.

Adrenal cocktails, the cocktail that can save your life!

**Please note that there are other adrenal cocktail recipes that include coconut water or molasses and that you may find more suitable for you.

**I prefer Redmond's Real Salt as it has a higher sodium content (I particularly need more sodium) and it is from an ancient sea bed in Utah so it has no micro-plastics like Celtic Sea Salt and it is more local to me. Himalayan Pink Salt is also an excellent option but has less sodium.