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rena sassi

8/8/20223 min read

I invite you to anchor in new expanded awareness, in new humane paradigms & new long lasting HOLISTIC solutions. The future is bio-eco-energetic/spiritual. There is no room anymore for the materialist paradigms divorced from the sacred. We know both from the depths of our hearts & even through modern science that everything is energy; all things emit frequencies, even rocks. Traditional & future sciences & medicines reunite this inorganic separation & bring together that which has been splintered out & denied by the destructive & deceptive forces of colonial & industrial complexes-- they honor the sacred, the divine, the holy in all things. Traditional medicines are future medicines & they are our solutions.

So here is a Future/Vibrational Medicine & one giant practical solution to this crisis we’re in, homeopathy-- a diamond gifted to us by The Divine. Homeopathy of which I am a practitioner of is a complete energetic system of medicine that heals at the level of frequencies, or the energetic body or which is often referred to as the chi or prana in traditional eastern medicines. It has its own medical paradigm, with over 200 governing principles that are in line with universal laws. In homeopathy life (animate or inanimate) is holy & each thing in existence is vibrating at a unique energetic signature, frequency or resonance. We harness the energetic imprint of plants, minerals & animals to heal illness at the root cause, which for homeopathy all symptoms are manifestations of a disturbance, an imbalance or dis-ease that originates at the energetic level of the being, at the level of frequencies. Symptoms are explored not suppressed & they function as signposts or expressions of an energetic disturbance.

How is this relevant right now in the time of covid? Well aside from epidemics being symptoms of a collective illness, in homeopathy everything has the potential to be medicine or poison. Even infectious diseases are not considered to be random or without benefit to human beings. Thus, we also have an offshoot of homeopathy, Homeopathic Immunization (HP), that utilizes the energetics of infectious diseases to educate & train the immune system towards prophylaxis of the disease. If the immune system’s primary function is to self-differentiate & individuate as we have established in previous posts through the contact, interfacing & learning of non-self entities, then HP offers this processing, downloading, archiving of disease information through energetic entrainment. In other words, it is a kind of biomimicry-- HP mimics the learning of non-self entities or pathogens by exposing the immune system to the energetic imprints of particular infectious diseases through the administration of nosodes.

What are nosodes? Nosodes begin as pathogenic material and go through a process of homeopathic potentization or ultra-dilution whereby the energy of the disease is extracted and there are no more molecules of the original substance left. Nosodes are pure energetic imprints w/ no minute material doses of the disease like in conventional vaccines, nor any toxic materials like adjuvants (heavy metals, formaldehyde, genetic material, antibiotics, etc), additives or preservatives. A nosode is pure energy that offers the learning of the disease without the suffering. It’s a kind of energetic bio-hack and a liberation medicine that I will discuss further in future posts.

In fact, because I have the flu and covid nosodes now available, I will focus quite a bit on HP on future posts iA . But for now, I invite feel into this idea that we already have an over 200 year old system of medicine that is bio-energetic and in line with universal laws, that views everything in existence as having a sacred purpose (even the dark energies) & is cooperative w/ the earth & human bodies rather than controlling power struggle of industrialized medicine. Does this resonate with you? Wouldn’t you love to be supported by systems of medicines like this? The medicines of the future are energy medicines because we are whole beings- energetic, biological & in ecology with all that is.

Check out the Immune System Boot Camp and please feel free to reach out for more info on homeopathy/future medicines.

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