Healing Is NOT Linear

It's more like a Labyrinth

rena sassi

2/2/20231 min read

Healing is not linear. I know it can be frustrating but healing is a journey towards your higher self, not an event. You must keep going and keep walking the path of healing to get to the other end of the road.

Though in homeopathy we follow Hering’s Law of Cure to assess a person’s direction of healing, it too is not a linear process. Homeopaths understand healing as disturbances moving from within to without, from up to down, from new symptoms to old symptoms, or from most vital organs to least vital organs; yet, we do not understand this direction to be a straight shot from point A to point B.

In fact healing, like our life’s journey will most likely be messy and difficult. But don’t give up! Find a person who can hold your hand and guide you through the roller coaster that is your healing journey! For your higher self is waiting for you just before the horizon. You can get there. Just keep going!