Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe

2/1/20182 min read

Looks like henna but it's not! It's a delicious blend of earth and oils to remineralize and clean #teeth, with a fresh taste!

1/2 cup of bentonite clay
1/4 cup diatomaceous earth
3 Tbsp xylitol (non-GMO from birch)
1 Tbsp organic turmeric
1/2 cup organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil
10-20 drops pure peppermint essential oil
10-20 drops pure wild orange essential oil

Mix all dry ingredients first. In a separate bowl mix oils. Slowly mix oil into dry ingredients until a paste develops. Voilà! Super easy!

[Side Note: charcoal is an excellent addition but it's very messy. My sister recently got me a charcoal tooth powder that I now use as eyeliner instead-- i simply dip my eye pencil into the powder and apply to my inner bottom eye lid. Charcoal has been used for centuries as eye medicine and makeup and is known as kohl/kahal/kajal.]

Benefits of ingredients:

Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay usually develops from weathering volcanic ash and is full of trace minerals that can help to remineralize decaying teeth. It also helps to scrub and detox bacterias from teeth and mouth. It is readily available at most health foods and has a host of other health benefits. Learn more here.

Diatomaceous Earth: This substance made of tiny fossilized remains is an abrasive that helps to remove plaque and tarter from teeth. Because it to is latent with trace minerals, it also helps to reestablish mineral loss in decaying teeth. It also has many other health benefits and is good to have in the kitchen and bathroom. Find out more about its benefits here.

Non-GMO Xylitol: You probably recognize this ingredient because it has become popular as an alternative sweetener in many foods and supplements. My children's dentist also says that it has anti-cavity properties. Be sure to purchase Xylitol made from birch as most products come from GMO beets.

Turmeric: Do I even need to talk about turmeric, the ancient and sacred super duper anti-oxidant and food?! Well, believe it or not Turmeric is also a teeth whitener and though it can be messy it is not as messy as the other wonderful natural teeth whitener, charcoal.

Coconut Oil: Another sacred ingredient I probably don't need to say much about. Despite the American Heart Associations unfounded and profit-driven recent stigmatization of coconut oil, it has tons of benefits. For the teeth, it not only pulls unhealthy toxins and bacterias out of the teeth but it also helps to remineralize decayed teeth. It's also useful for those suffering from halitosis as it clears the harmful bacterias in the mouth that cause offensive odors.

Peppermint and Orange Essential Oils: I added this for taste and for added freshness. You are free to add your favorite essential oils, please just make sure they are pure and unadulterated. In other words, use a brand you know and trust. Clove essential oil is especially known for its bacteria killing properties and for supporting healthy oral hygiene.