Homeopathic Booger Blaster

Blasts those boogers away naturally & safely with homeopathy

rena sassi

9/9/20231 min read

Are you constantly wiping snot off your child's face (or yours ;)) during these cold season months? My clients and my kids swear by this homeopathic formula... It never fails!

The formula is simple and easy-- it's just Hydrastis 30c, Kali Bich 30c and Pulsatilla 30c four times a day as long as those stubborn boogies persist. You will find that cold and flu symptoms are reduced both in intensity and duration. You will also find that it decreases the likelihood of secondary infections in the ear or respiratory system... which means no antibiotics.

Because these remedies are so effective in booger blasting, they tend to be the most used and most requested for refills by my clients. I therefore teach all my clients and students how to reproduce homeopathic remedies indefinitely. So that just one purchase of any homeopathic remedy can last forever and they don't have to keep buying more. That is a priceless secret you learn in my Homeopathy For Families Online Course. Please reach out if you'd like to learn more!