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Homeopathic Detox
Soul Mapping
HTMA + Nutritional Balancing

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“Working with Rena has been absolutely life changing! The relief and healing we’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous. At age 33, I had multiple cysts on both ovaries and my hormones were at post-menopausal levels. With the homeopathy and nutritional support I received from Rena, my fertility has been restored and all the cysts are gone! She has also helped my husband find relief from chronic fatigue and supported our toddler in regaining a healthy immune system after more than a year of recurring illness. We are a healthier, happier family because of Rena. She has our loyalty for life!” ~Katherine Halliwell
Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine that holistically treats the individual (not the disease) for mental, emotional, and/or physical complaints. Based on the person’s particular symptoms a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine for the client.

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“I was suffering from daily allergy rashes and itching for years, having to take daily allergy meds just to be able to work without it getting in the way. I took the remedy and it was like it worked much of it out of my system. I had dreams one week, then it moved to my hands and feet and then it cleared up and I have not had to take daily meds since then. Thank you Rena you are like a big motherly sis to me! You helped with my mom and her heart condition at a very difficult time for us and she continues to get better. I’m forever grateful to you and the medicine you carry in your spirit ” ~ Cindy
I offer my own unique approach to holistic therapy by integrating homeopathy with nutritional support, cell salts, herbs and traditional/ancestral therapies. I also offer Homeoprophylaxis and HTMA + Nutritional/Mineral Balancing.

Through my integrative approach to homeopathy I can help support deep healing and lifelong health by identifying your constitutional needs and remedy picture. Homeopathy stimulates self healing by correcting a disturbance at the deepest energetic levels of the being. I see homeopathy as a top down approach, where we heal a person at their highest deepest self and HTMA + Nutritional/Mineral Balancing as the bottom approach, whereby a person heals on a cellular and organ system levels. The two complement each other perfectly and assist each other in bringing a person to complete and permanent healing.

Homeopathy is 100% safe for people of all ages and acts on the deepest level of healing, thus healing the whole person and promoting life long health. ​

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“I totally recommend it. It expanded the options I have to healing and I feel more confident about caring for my children’s health.”~ Daniella

For The Family

Homeopathy can help people with most chronic illnesses including but not limited to the following:

Anxiety/Depression/Mood disorders
Memory Loss/
Digestive Complaints
Skin and Hair Conditions/Complaints
Metabolism/Weight loss
Chronic Fatigue
Fears and Phobias
Pain relief
Respiratory Complaints
Headaches and Migraines
Women’s Conditions/Complaints
Men’s Conditions/Complaints
Neurological Conditions
Endocrine Disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleep Disorders/Insomnia
Trauma Recovery
Post-op Recovery
Unknown and undiagnosed conditions

Isotherapy (Homeopathic Detox )
I am a certified CEASE therapist for Isotherapy and in addition to homeopathy for helping to heal chronic and acute conditions, I offer a world renowned and highly successful homeopathic detox for vaccine damage ~ or a systematic detoxification of the causes of disease and a step by step improvement in health.

Please note that detoxes are aggressive by nature and it is absolutely prudent that one prepares and nourishes all the detox organs and eliminatroy pathways before embarking on any detox. For this reason, I find it is best to use primary homeopathic constitutional care coupled with HTMA + Nutritional/Mineral Balancing before embarking on any detox.

For Children

Homeopathy is completely safe, non-toxic, free of side effects and therefore especially useful for babies, children and adolescents. Through my integrative approach to homeopathy I can help support the health and growth of your child by identifying her/his constitutional needs and remedy picture. It is prudent to address root causes with children rather than just symptoms as we do not want to suppress disturbances or imbalances into longterm chronic disease. Children today are more at risk of developing serious illnesses and chronic diseases or disorders due to the state of our global health systems. Homeopathy is 100% safe for babies and children of all ages and acts on the deepest level of healing, thus healing the whole person and promoting lifelong health.

Homeopathy can help with the following complaints in infants, children and adolescents:

Most Chronic and Acute Conditions including but not limited to—

Digestive Complaints
Influenza/Common Cold
Childhood Diseases (Measles, Chicken Pox, etc)
Autism Spectrum/ADD/ADHD
Cold Sores
Nausea and vomiting