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How I Became A Homeopath

This is me 15 years ago in my first pregnancy & at the threshold of motherhood & homeopathy.

Here I am glowing with child & still totally unaware that I’d be embarking on the biggest timeline jump of my life. I was not only going to become a mother but also a homeopath!

Before this time, I knew almost nothing about alternative medicines & believed solely in industrial medicine.

Antibiotics for me were humanity’s crown jewel. I was given it almost everytime I got sick as a child when I had chronic ear infections & as a teen when I had chronic bronchitis.

I started to take herbal medicines a few years prior but still relied on doctors in white coats to tell me about my health & my needs.

Then I got pregnant. Then I got chronic tonsillitis while pregnant. Then everything changed.

The ENT doctor prescribed antibiotics twice & each time the tonsillitis came back w/in a day. When he said take a 3rd dose of antibiotics, I started to question things.

It was one thing when it was just my body, but now I had a little baby growing inside me & I just knew that it was wrong. There had to be another way.

My husband who is French & whose family has used homeopathy as their primary form of medicine for 3 generations suggested I see a homeopath.

At the time we were living in Cairo & I thought to myself, “I barely even heard of it in the US, I’m sure I won’t find homeopaths here in Egypt.” And yet to my surprise when I googled “homeopaths Egypt” I found many!

I went to my consultation & felt seen & heard & held by a medical practitioner for the 1st time in my life. It was 2 hours of her listening so attentively to me & my symptoms, my stories, my life literally inside & out.

She gave me a liquid vile that said Hepar Sulph 30c on it & told me to take 5 drops before bed that evening.

I woke up the next day w/ no tonsillitis & it never came back!

I took one dose of what tasted like water, had no side effects & was permanently cured!

I was intrigued & wanted to know more!

I asked my homeopath how can I learn more about this miraculous medicine & in perfect divine timing she said that the next 3 year course is starting in just a few months.

And the rest is history…💚

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