Inner Technologies: Remember Who You Are

You were given everything you need when you were born

9/9/20212 min read

Universal laws are primordial teachings encoded in our DNA.

Humans have an innate capacity for the highest inner technologies. Universal laws are original teachings encoded in our DNA. We were given everything we need when we were created. Within every problem is a solution.

Within you is the entire spectrum of the universe & its capacity for the infinite expression of what often appears as polar opposites. All are one, born together in the same instant-- the light & the dark, the closings & the openings, day & night, the seen & unseen, w/ hardship comes ease (Quran 94:6). Every shadow has another side & like the unseen side of the moon, shadows open the way to another perspective of the universe. Shadows are windows into new universes, portals to new star galaxies.

We will delve deeper into shadow work later as our collective path to healing & liberation requires both-- bringing light to the darkness as well as anchoring in new solutions. But for now, I'd like to take a break to first anchor into the power of haqq (truth) expressed in every atom of our existence-- we carry universal laws within our own personal DNA. We hold all that was ever known & will ever be known or expressed within the tiniest & largest parts of us because within our unique beautiful piece of this cosmic puzzle holds the entirety of the laws & codes of the universe as well as our past, our purpose & our destiny. Don't believe the hype that we are weak victims of circumstance. We are powerful beings w/ infinite access to The Divine & w/ all the technologies of the cosmos available to us ALL. THE. TIME. All we need to do is remember.

We are capable of creating & using the highest technologies either for the highest good or for selfish egotistical desires. This leads to my next affirmation-- I personally DO NOT believe in the systems we have created (albeit political, medical, educational, social, etc). BUT I do believe in the laws of the universe & that they also govern our existence. I believe in human goodness & our capacity to imagine & create beauty.

In this moment when our systems are collapsing & human dynamics are being restructured, I invite you to join in me in imagining a New Earth. An earth where humans live in their highest potential & humanity. A place where we create systems & technologies that honor & respect the sacred within all of creation. A planet where each individual can become fully realized, autonomous, sovereign and free!

Breathe in and listen. Let us honor the drop of rain like it is the ocean; join me as we acknowledge the power within each of us to light up or darken the world for everyone that lives here.

It is through the realization of the depth of our darkness that we also realize the depth of our light. So, I invite you to ground yourself in the truth that you were given everything you need when you were created & within you are extraordinary undiscovered technologies that are more powerful than anything any evil man can ever make on earth. We are who our ancestors have been waiting for. Tap in & listen. Remember who you really are.

Photo by @jilazand