Questions to the Vaccine Model

Can diseases be eradicated from the face of the earth?

rena sassi

2/2/20244 min read

As the debate on the safety of vaccines continues to be dangerously polarized, talking points on the pro-vax and the pro-safe vax are becoming just that, talking points. No one is listening and everyone is just spewing out what they think are solid indisputable absolute facts. Yet, a few questions that have been on my mind for several years now have been met with utter silence and confusion particularly by the pro-vax side because these questions interrogate the most basic fundamental assumption of the current vaccine model—that infectious diseases could and should be eradicated from the face of the earth.

When one begins a critique or evaluation at this point of departure rather than bypassing this most basic and unfounded belief framing the entire vaccine paradigm, the staunch and aggressive witch hunting pro-vaccine argument kind of just falls apart. One cannot construct a solid building without having a solid foundation; and the entire vaccine campaign, including all its supporting evidence, is built on this premise.

My questions are quite simple-- Can and should infectious diseases be eradicated from the face of the earth? Viruses and bacteria are highly mutant thousand-year-old conscious disease entities with their own evolutionary prerogative; what happens when we interfere with this evolutionary cycle and their microbial ecosystems? Is it possible that the overuse of vaccines will result in more aggressive and virulent super-viruses and bugs just as the overuse of antibiotics have given us antibiotic resistant deadly superbugs?

As previously mentioned, most of these questions are met with silence; which is rather startling to me but shouldn’t be as it is a but a reflection of the blind acceptance of orthodox industrialized medicine and western science as being the only and absolute holders of truth—a byproduct of colonizing minds, cultures, histories and the multitudes of sciences and systems of medicines that have existed for millennia.

When I do get a response they are usually like the following; “Measles was eradicated in the year 2000”. To which I respond, “Breaking News: The US is not the world and NOT the planet earth.” What a very American centered exclusivist perspective on global public health!

Another common response is “small pox was eradicated.” Smallpox may have been eradicated but according to this article Smallpox-Related Viruses Are Still a Threat to Humans because “researchers have discovered several never-before-seen poxviruses that cause illness in people” and “after the eradication of smallpox, researchers saw an increase in cases of some other diseases caused by poxviruses.” This is evidence that my inquiry may be correct—that pox viruses are doing exactly what they are designed to do, they can mutate and infect human bodies despite an attempt to eradicate them through vaccines. This is further corroborated by the well known fact that that vaccines become ineffective over time because viruses and bacteria DO MUTATE! Here's one example.

Another often met response to these questions-- "antibiotics do not work the same as vaccines." The claim is that because antibiotics attack and kill the actual bacteria whereas vaccines are minute material doses of the virus or bacteria injected into the human body, the threat of super-viruses and bugs is not relevant. Well that is certainly an arrogant and illogical presumption simply because how do we know that? The medical establishment had no idea that the over-use of antibiotics would result in superbugs, could it be that we also don’t know what the results of mass vaccinations will be? Dare we admit that we don’t know?!

And this is the most fundamental problem I have with the vaccine model, that despite the evidence that vaccines carry risks (there is so much published but hidden evidence of this that you can find if you're sincere in doing unbiased research, but I won't be doing that homework for you right now) we really DO NOT KNOW what we are doing to the long term or evolutionary health of the human body or to the ecosystems of highly mutating viruses and bacteria when we vaccinate. The idea that we can experiment on, control, dominate, manipulate and exploit mother nature in the name of saving lives is very much a western colonial mindset and not a belief most indigenous people of the world value.

We do not have a right to experiment on human health and nature without knowing the long term consequences of our meddling, that is an ethical fact. It is truly a sickness of our times, to make value judgments based only on how it affects us now. It is in my tradition and to my understanding the tradition of indigenous Americans that we do not adopt a new way, a new practice, a new technology unless it is deemed safe and beneficial seven generations back and forward-- meaning it has to be good for our ancestors seven generations back and for our descendants seven generations forward. The world would look like a very different place if we put that into practice.

The truth is that human beings have been co-existing and interfacing with infectious disease microbes since the dawn of time. The disease entities do not exist in isolation and require an interaction with our immune systems, they are here for a reason. What happens when we interfere with this natural disease process? Until we really know the answer to these questions and if eradication of diseases through vaccines are safe and will not result in more virulent strains, we have no right to be interfering with the evolutionary cycles of these thousand-year-old highly adaptive disease entities. We do not know what potential Frankensteins we may be creating.

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[PS: I would love for a virologist to respond to these questions.]