The Immune System & Liberation

Liberation Medicine

rena sassi

5/14/20243 min read

The Sufi Proverb, “The part represents the whole” is a law of the universe established both in the mystical sciences of our ancestors & now quantum mechanics of modern science. The law operates on the rule that within one atom is the totality of the universe and that what happens to the part happens to the whole. And vice versa.

Now let’s weave this law back into the function of the immune system that we have determined is to self-differentiate & build autonomy & sovereignty. If the part represents the whole, then within the immune system is also all the systems of the universe and the micro-universe or the human being. The immune system is not only a biological system in the human body, it too has its own emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, etc. The immune system has its own psyche-- a library of information, experiences, triggers, perceptions, downloads, upgrades, viruses, shadows, illnesses, dysfunctions. And as we have established in the previous post, the psychology of the immune system is governed & organized around the question “Who am I?.

If the immune system is but a part reflecting the biological, psychological & spiritual state of a human being, then it is also here to work on & answer higher levels of the question Who am I? When the immune system is physiologically functioning at its optimal levels it knows who it is & it knows how to restore balance & sovereignty when in contact with threatening non-self entities. In other words, non-self entities will not be able to occupy, dominate or control it. A strongly educated immune system is a healthy, individuated, autonomous, sovereign part harmoniously working with the whole.

So now let's zoom out to eagle eye view and generalize this dynamic to the whole-- Your immune system is here to support your liberation! Get your immune system functioning like a balanced harmonious sovereign part and you too will be on your way to whole-life freedom. Your immune system is an extension of your soul, of your psychology. It is here to keep you free of domination by others or non-self, which is your primordial God given right!

It is not a coincide that at this historic moment where humanity truly faces threat of annihilation unless liberated from the prison of oppressive and destructive materialist structures, that our immune systems are met with the challenge of an unknown virus, new environmental information that can offer an upgrade to the very system that is involved in our personal and social liberation and autonomy.

Like every disease, this virus is not here to victimize us, it is here to teach us. The earth who has its own evolutionary prerogative is in its own process of rebalancing and healing. Viruses are genetic information that are involved in every aspect of creation, adaptation and regeneration of every single organism on this planet. As this planet transforms and upgrades so too do we need to transform and upgrade if we want to stay here. This virus is here to teach our immune systems some new information about the earth’s current transformation. It is an offering of the earth of an upgrade. (See Dr. Zach Bush MD’s work on this virus and the Virome). If we suppress this process it will get worse, for both our immune systems and the earth. You can mark my words. [Reach out if you’d like to info on Homeoprophylaxis: Homeopathic Immunization].

I have been inviting y’all to shift paradigms with me because this is it. We are in a great planetary shift, like one never really seen before as far as we know. Every spiritual tradition and even now scientists everywhere are predicting a major extinction event. The earth is going to do this y’all. We either accept that as individual parts we can align with our collective whole and support the planet and her process of transformation or we can stay fighting her with the belief that we are separate from her and each other. It is my sincere belief that if we support our mother earth she will in turn support us. Healing our relationships with the mother earth is the cure. And you are a microcosm of the earth. Heal your part and the whole will heal too insha Allah.