The Psychology of The Immune System

The primary function of the immune system

rena sassi

2 min read

From the moment we are born we begin a process of learning “who am I?” and “who I am not?” as we are instantly exposed to billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi when we begin our descent into the birth canal. As we emerge into the world we are exposed to trillions of micro-doses of information in the form of microbes and viruses. The immune system immediately begins to discern what belongs to it and what doesn’t, it essentially wants to know “who am I?” A deep philosophical and psychological question right? Thus, the immune system is operating on an innate intelligence that requires learning & education.

The immune system is one of many templates or programs that interfaces between ourselves & our environment. To develop a robust program with exceptional intelligence and total autonomy, the immune system must interact with non-self entities. How can it know who it is if it isn’t exposed to who it isn’t? The immune system needs to build its archive of non-self information so that it can determine self, who it really is.

So how does it acquire information to properly individuate? Through exposure to both self & non-self entities like bacteria, viruses and fungi. Like a muscle in our body, the immune system must be challenged to build awareness of self and begin self-differentiating. Just like a muscle in our body, our immune systems must be challenged to build strength and to learn. The immune system is a learning system and it learns by being exposed to non-self entities, getting sick and then learning how to get better when it gets sick. If it doesn’t get sick, it doesn’t learn how to get better nor does it learn who it really is or isn’t.

This is in line with metaphysical laws that we see throughout every dynamic in nature: that dis-eases, illnesses and discomforts are natural phenomena and invitations to learn, grow and fulfill the highest potential of the natural self-- to become autonomous, whole and sovereign.

What happens when we don’t allow our immune systems to be challenged or educated through exposure to pathogens & illnesses? What happens when we sterilize the world around us, hide from germs, or attempt to suppress disease through medical interventions like v/accines and chemical drugs? The short answer: sicker people with more chronic disease. It is now well known that children who get more acute diseases like colds and flus are less likely to develop chronic illnesses later in life. This will be discussed in more detail in upcoming posts but also please refer to previous posts about the metaphysical ‘law of suppression.’

Lucky for us, Homeoprophylaxis or Homeopathic Immunization is an energetic system of medicine that offers safe immune system education of infectious diseases. This will also be further discussed in future posts but please reach out if you’d like more information.