Top 4 Reasons Why Mineral Nutrition Is So Important

Minerals = The Building Blocks of Life

rena sassi

1/1/20182 min read

#1 Your body cannot make minerals.

There are some nutrients your body can make and some that must come from your food, water or environment. Minerals must come from your food and water. The vast majority of our foods get their minerals from the soil and no thanks to the brutal assault and abuse our earth has been subjected to this past century, our soil and thus our foods are extremely depleted of minerals. Thus, we too have major mineral imbalances. Knowing your mineral status and correcting any imbalances through nutrition is crucial to your health and vitality.

#2 Without minerals, vitamins and hormones don't work.

Even if you're taking vitamin or hormone supplements, it could all be to no avail if you don't know what your mineral status is. For instance, minerals are involved in the production or regulation of all hormones in the body, including of course thyroid hormones, stress hormones, sex hormones, etc. It is therefore pertinent to test for tissue mineral status with HTMA, as supplementing without knowing the full mineral picture could be in vain at best or interfering with mineral functions as worst. For example, supplementing with zinc and synthetic forms of vitamin C can block the proper utilization of copper in the body, increasing copper dysregulation.

#3 Minerals are needed for every single cellular metabolic transaction in the body.

All cellular functions are a series of biochemical reactions taking place within them that require over 70 micronutrients, 40 of them are minerals. All tissues, organs and organ systems are made of cells first and foremost, so if there is an imbalance in cellular function and health there will be an imbalance in the relevant tissues, organs or organ systems. That is why knowing your mineral profile helps to understand and correct imbalances at the most fundamental level, at the cellular level. Healthy cells = healthy tissues, organs and organ systems. Thus, mineral balancing is at the core of cellular nutrition and bringing the entire body back into balance at the most fundamental and basic level, paving the way for deep and whole healing.

#4 Without minerals we would die.

Ok, I now that sounds dramatic and alarming but it's the truth! We all know that we can fast from food for many days, weeks even, and we won't die from it. But that's not the case with water. Humans cannot live without water for more than three days and that is simply because of the loss of essential mineral electrolytes that are necessary for life.

Sodium regulates and maintains the fluids in and around cells, so without enough sodium one can quickly become dehydrated. In fact, if one were to completely remove sodium from their diet, including sodium from water, they could not live more than a few days as our sodium stores are used up rather quickly and need to be replaced daily. We can lose up to 30,000mgs of sodium daily when under high stress. This doesn't mean that you should blindly increase your sodium either. It's all about balance and everyone's body is different. Knowing your individual biochemistry based on an HTMA will let us know your exact mineral levels and allow us to create a targeted nutrition plan that addresses your individual biochemical needs. Read more here.