Are you Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired? Try Homeopathy!

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rena sassi

3/4/20195 min read

painting of man
painting of man

Are you tired of trying to feel better? Have you tried everything and you’re feeling hopeless about your health? If you are dealing with any chronic health complaints, be they mental/emotional complaints like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, mood disorders or physical complaints like fatigue, exhaustion, auto-immunity, chronic pain; whatever it may be, homeopathy can help you. Even if you’ve been told there is nothing wrong with you or you have an incurable condition and you’re going to live like this forever, homeopathy may still help. Here's why...

Aside from it being a complete time tested system of medicine unto itself, homeopathy is vast in his potentials and possibilities. But most importantly, homeopathy remains my primary system of medicine because it heals at the core levels of our human suffering. Homeopathy heals at the root disturbance, where all suffering begins, at the energetic/soul level. Because homeopathy is an energetic medicine (or a nano-medicine)-- whereby natural substances are potentized and ultra-diluted to the point where there may not be any molecules of the original substance left; homeopathy heals at the place of non-substance, at the place of resonance and frequencies.

We are all resonating at certain energetic frequencies. These frequencies can be many subtle and dense expressions of one core frequency that is you and only you. This energy that is uniquely you is vibrating as your core being and animates your body and brings you into life. What distinguishes you and me from a corpse is the dynamis or an energetic frequency vibrating within and without our body, keeping us alive. This energetic body can also fall into imbalance or disturbance, causing other aspects of you to then express this imbalance through the form of symptoms-- whether they are mental, emotional or physical symptoms. When one is sick, it is not the actual body that is sick-- it is the energy body that is sick and the energy body then communicates to us this disturbance through the manifestation of symptoms in the subsequent layers of our being (mental, emotional, physical). Thus, symptoms are just signs or expressions of a deeper disturbance. In fact, symptoms can be our friends when understood as signs and signals pointing to an actual energetic blueprint of the original dis-ease or disturbance. But that’s another major paradigm shift and requires another blog.

When your energetic body resonates at a particular frequency this frequency can be matched to something in nature vibrating at the same or similar frequency-- like a plant, a mineral or an animal or animal by product. Homeopathic preparations of these natural substances involves extracting that frequency or that energetic imprint from a natural substance and preserving it in the form of a medicine (liquid or pellet form). [More about Homeopathic Medicines and Potentization].

And when these two like energies meet by taking a homeopathic remedy, healing takes place. Stillness overcomes the disturbance and healing happens. This is where the miracle is and this is why my company is called Sukuun Holistics. Sukuun in Arabic means stillness and tranquility. Sukuun is where healing and expansion can happen. It is my job as a homeopath to find your energetic match or your remedy resonance to help you come back into that place of Energetic Sukuun and healing. [How awesome is that?! My job is to find what plants, minerals or animals you are energetically matched with! That is just awe inspiring beauty for me. I love being on a quest to help you discover your own personal medicine and unique energetic signature in life. I love what I do. I am a total nerd for homeopathy, it's a Divine Gift and Medicine!]

I often use the example of tuning forks to explain homeopathic resonance and how homeopathy works. If you bring two tuning forks of different sizes vibrating at different frequencies together, the tuning forks continue to vibrate, nothing happens. But if you bring two tuning forks of the same size, vibrating at the same frequency together, both tuning forks stop vibrating. Stillness happens. It is in this stillness where healing occurs. And when the energetic body finds this stillness and it comes back into its innate and healthy home frequency, the symptoms it used to communicate it was in a disturbance can also now stop. Thus, with homeopathy it is actually the person that heals one’s self not necessarily the remedy. The remedy simply puts the energetic body back into a healthy state and the energetic body then no longer has the need for symptoms and begins to heal them. Just like an unhealthy energetic body expresses and manifests unhealthy mental, emotional or physical states, a healthy energetic body expresses and manifests healthy mental, emotional and physical states. This is where and how homeopathy works.

So if you've been chasing a diagnosis trying to figure out what's wrong with you or if you've been given a diagnosis of a lifetime incurable condition, homeopathy can still help as it aims to repair the original dis-ease not just simply the symptoms or the diagnosis. THAT is homeopathy’s miracle-- it heals at the core level. We can say that homeopathy truly heals the root cause and facilitates whole healing by bringing balance back and putting a person back into their original and natural state of health. Rather than using a bandaid approach to health by just managing symptoms as isolated dysfunctions of particular diseases, homeopathy brings complete and holistic healing by correcting disturbances at the place where they originate, in the energy body. Homeopathy works through the Law of ResonanceAND the Law of Similars.

Just this concept alone of healing root causes through remedy resonance has a zillion implications in both the metaphysical and physical worlds. And it is for this reason that homeopathy continues to inform many other systems of medicine and continues to expand in its possibilities for medicines and modalities. From this most elegant metaphysical concept that Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy discovered and put into practice a few hundred years ago, has grown a tree with many branches of powerful and safe ways to heal. Mineral cell salts (cellular therapy), flower essences (emotional therapy), homeoprophylaxis (prophylaxis through potentized pathogens), isotherapy (using disease agents to clear disease), drainage therapies using sarcodes (healthy potentized organs), Gemmotherapy (homeopathic preparations of plant embroyos) are just a few of the many old and new sciences that are being developed as part of the homeopathic catalogue of medicines and that I regularly use in my practice. [Stem-cell therapy theoretically follows the Law of Similars, the fundamental law governing the science of homeopathy.]

Homeopathy is what I call my top-down healing art, healing from the “top” or “highest” level of the disturbance at the energetic level with a trickle down effect-- the energetic body then brings the rest of the bodies into alignment. I have found that homeopathy works best with HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition, which aims to heal from the bottom-up by healing cellular, metabolic or organ dysfunction through analysis of one’s unique biochemical blueprint. Both modalities are designed to address a person’s unique individualized health state and needs, a person’s unique energetic profile (Homeopathy) AND their unique biochemical profile (HTMA). I have seen the best results with my clients when utilizing individualized top-down and bottom-up approaches.

Because homeopathy works through the Law of Resonance, it is completely safe, with no risk of side-effects. Homeopathy is safe for all people of all ages (0-100) and for all conditions or states of health. It is helpful for chronic complaints, first aid and common acute ailments like colds, flus, headaches, sore throats, earaches, colic, teething etc. [Please see my Homeopathy For Families Online Course to learn to use homeopathy and natural medicine as your primary form of medicine at home for first aid and common ailments].

Homeopathy also works well with all other systems of medicine including orthodox or industrial medicine. My only caution would be using both homeopathy and acupuncture at the same time. Although I do recommend using homeopathy along side Chinese Herbal Medicine, I usually ask my clients to choose either acupuncture or homeopathy as they both work on the energetic bodies, which can overwhelm or confuse the system if done together. But other than using it simultaneously with acupuncture, homeopathy is safe for everyone with a dynamis (which is everything!), including your pets and plants!