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A workshop for Muslims & Arabs in the homelands or diaspora to process & transform our rage into positive action for the Liberation of Palestine.

Saturday 9, March 2024

8pm CAIRO, 10am PST

About the event

A lot of us in our global community of Muslims & Arabs have been feeling frozen in feelings of righteous rage & powerlessness. We’ve been feeling paralyzed in terror & guilt  over the increased horrors & injustices being inflicted on our kin in Palestine these past months.

The intention of this space is not to make ourselves feel better about what’s happening but to harness this rage & intense emotional power into direct action & support for Palestinian liberation. The intention of this gathering is to transmute our fears, anger & trauma into divinely guided & empowered action towards a Free Palestine.  


This will be a space:

• to process our rage, terror, grief & overwhelm as a community

• to transmute our collective pain into community support

• to open up individual & collective pathways to re-imagine & co-weave a sovereign free future for our peoples

• to mobilize our trauma response towards direct action for the liberation of Palestine

• hosted & held by husband & wife team, Pierre-Etienne Vannier a trauma-informed Muslim facilitator & Rena Sassi a Muslim Arab-American Homeopath, who are both living, working & raising our two children in Egypt.

This is a donation based workshop.

All proceeds go directly to the people of Gaza.

Donations for Gaza