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Archetypes & Sacred Contracts

“The contents of the collective unconscious are known as archetypes.”
~Carl Jung

What are sacred contracts?

We all come to this earth with certain agreements we made with our Creator. We agreed to what lessons we were going to learn, how we’re going to learn them & through what relationships & experiences we would have, to complete our curriculum or our soul’s sacred agreement. We are here in this incarnation simply to remember the sacred trust or contract we made with The Divine.

Our archetypes are the keepers of these agreements. They are the one’s holding the keys to the curriculum, they play the roles we need to play to complete our agreements & fulfill our highest potential & purpose.

Thus, working with our archetypes initiates us into a higher path of fulfilling our sacred contract through expanded awareness & integrating the many forgotten fragments of our consciousness & contract.

What are archetypes?
Archetypes are energetic blueprints or patterns in the universe that are accessible to us through our collective unconscious. Archetypes can be timeless & universal like mother, child, warrior, king, queen; or cultural & time specific like hipster, tech geek or CEO.

Each archetype will have certain characteristics, patterns & agreements or lessons to learn in this life. Each archetype has both light & shadow attributes.

We all have access to all the archetypes in the universe but we are born with a constellation of 12 primary archetypes that manage our ego, our personality or in Sufi terms, or lower soul in Chronos– the material 3D realm (see my primary archetypes of my ego self in the photo on the right).

The 4 Survivors:
There are 4 universal archetypes that we all have; the inner child, victim, prostitute & saboteur. Each of us has an inner child that is specific to our contract however like; the orphan, child nature, child divine, child eternal, parent child or child magical. There are of course many more.



Casting Your Natal Archetypal Wheel & Sacred Contract

This is a 3 part service. In the first session, we find your unique 12 primary archetypes that you were born with and command aspects of your personality since birth.

In the second session, we find out which house of the zodiac each of your 12 archetypes occupy. The house’s of the zodiac are like the command centers for certain aspects or relationships in your life. For example, the 2nd house is the house of your personal values & resources. So the archetype in this house tends to manage the beliefs & behaviors related to your personal values & resources. Though each house has one dominant archetype, the archetypes can move around and consult other archetypes in other houses. In fact, our archetypes often have allies & enemies even among themselves. They are also in relationship with one another. Casting our archetypes into our Chronos Wheel brings us to awareness how the archetypes work in relation to themselves & the world around us.

In the third session, we determine your sacred contract & its different soul or karmic agreements & vows.

Each session is about 2 hours & will be done at least a week apart. I suggest purchasing first two the sessions together to keep momentum in our work with your archetypes. They usually want your full attention once they’ve been summoned. Once you’ve spent some time in collaboration & communication with your archetypes & your wheel, I recommend digging deeper in your sacred contract.


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