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A crash course for birth workers to effectively use homeopathy in birth & the immediate postpartum (48 hours after birth). What do you get?
  1. A 45 minute video recording with everything you need to know to use homeopathy effectively. Please see the contents of the video below.
  2. A printable PDF chart with most commonly used remedies in labor & their indicated symptoms.
  3. A printable PDF chart of most commonly needed remedies in the immediate postpartum & their indicated symptoms.
The video recording includes…
  • recommendations for where to purchase homeopathy birth kits
  • background on homeopathic medicines & how they’re prepared
  • the science of homeopathy & the law of similars
  • how to dose & when to dose remedies
  • how you know the remedies are working
  • remedy recommendations for common issues during birth & postpartum
  • protocols to prepare the mother & baby for birth
  • protocols to make labor easier, quicker & with less complications
  • protocols for mother & baby at the time of birth
  • protocols for turning mal-positioned babies & opening stiff cervix
  • protocols for common issues during the immediate postpartum including shock, retained placentas, resucitation of baby, tears & episiotiomies & constipation.
  • discussion on child immunization & homeopathic alternatives
  • and so much more!