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“I can’t say how thankful I am to know Rena as a friend. And as of recently, and equally as important, as a healer. Earlier this year, I was experiencing ongoing and high-levels of pain physically and was practically bed ridden as a result. In addition to the pain symptoms my emotional state was suffering, as was my sleep. I tried everything to get relief, but nothing helped enough. My brain and my body were not talking the way they should to each other and my nervous system was on overdrive for months day and night. I booked an appt with Rena who provided a personalized plan and continued to monitor my journey with words of encouragement and tweaks to my treatment to fit my needs. Her support and wisdom were invaluable to my recovery.  I know I would not be in the balanced state of mind that I am in and 90% pain free if it was not for Rena and her homeopathic healthcare. She truely took care of my health and Energy and it feels so good to be me again and be back in life symptom free and balanced. Thank you Rena! I couldn’t be more grateful for  you. That was a terrible time for me physically and mentally and I am so relieved to have made it through due to your professional experience and  homeopathic support.” ~ Jaime Darling


“Working with Rena has been absolutely life changing! The relief and healing we’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous. At age 33, I had multiple cysts on both ovaries and my hormones were at post-menopausal levels. With the homeopathy and nutritional support I received from Rena, my fertility has been restored and all the cysts are gone! She has also helped my husband find relief from chronic fatigue and supported our toddler in regaining a healthy immune system after more than a year of recurring illness. We are a healthier, happier family because of Rena. She has our loyalty for life!”

~Katherine Halliwell


“Rena provided an effective test to determine the root cause of my health imbalances,  thorough, personalized analysis of my test findings and then a comprehensive, holistic plan with clear explanation, guidance and support to reset. Over the years I have been to holistic practitioners- some would for example ask me about my health concerns and then try to sell a set of vitamins. This is not what Rena as a solid health professional with science, education, ethics and experience backing her approach provides. She is the gold standard for a holistic health professional that works effectively with clients to tackle persistent health issues. The diet adjustments to address deficiencies that were contributing to my simply being tired were very helpful in that they were clear, easy to follow/access/plan and produced results.  Her analysis also noted some of the routine tests I would take and why they only provided a partial picture of my overall health. She then provided follow-up support and means to consistently adjust and tweak my plan. She is a great health professional with an effective approach.”

~ Amy Kay

“Doing the HTMA with Rena was such an eye opener. I had been told repeatedly that my blood work showed no abnormalities – yet I knew something wasn’t right. The HTMA analysis shows the relative abundance levels – so although within range they were out of balance with each other. Rena was able to do a thorough analysis which she explained in detail and provided a nutrition plan and recommended supplements. Will definitely be going back to see her again.”

~Amira Val Baker

“… finding out what minerals my body is producing and the impact it had on my health allowed for a truly holistic approach to bring balance back to my body and mind. I was astounded by the thoroughness of the data!”

~Ranya Khalil

“The test is amazing!!! The most painless test I have ever taken! It took just only _______ days to get the result and recommendation. I did not expect the result to be so transparent and detailed. Rena gave the clear insight of analysis to really understand what numbers and chemical elements say about the state of my body.  What I like is that Rena in her recommendations sends the link to the well-tested website to get the specific clean product which doesn’t hurt the budget. I am taking my next yearly checkup test with Rena, as I have done it last year and did work really well for me!”


“I’m very grateful I did the Hair and Tissue Mineral analysis. It doesn’t only determine your mineral results relative to each other. Rena also provides you with a very detailed and clear recommendations with links of useful products that work for you. All the research is done for you to reach optimal health. I highly recommend it.  Rena will  always be my go to person for homeopathic and holistic remedies, treatments and healing.”

~Daniella Lodge


“It was so exciting and such an interesting revelation to have rena explain to me details about my health from a simple hair test… really incredible. Been doing some of the advice shes given me, in terms of things to drink and I do feel a difference in energy and clarity.”

~Sara El Sayyed

“I completed a hair analysis with Sukuun, since I’ve always received loving and competent care from Rena from effective naturopathic treatments and on point guidance from her as one of my doulas. Although my western medical care providers disregarded my complaints as normal (Severe lethargy, brain fog, insomnia etc), the hair analysis affirmed that my thyroid and liver were indeed struggling and needed support.  The analysis was comprehensive and provided simple, manageable instructions to support my health naturally.  Thank you Rena! “

~Sumaya AbuBakr


“Rena is an amazing healer who has helped me with my own skin and allergy woes. She zeroed in and found the remedy that I pulled so much of whatever was underlying my hives out my hands and feel. And I no longer had to take allergy meds on a daily basis to not go crazy everyday since working with her.


 She with all her ancestors were a major support when my mom was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney disease and recovering from the hospital. Her healing work laid the foundation as I felt working with Rena first before starting our diet and lifestyle journey would be the way to go. Today my mom has improved dramatically and moved from stage 4 kidney disease close to qualifying for dialysis now to stage 3 and there is talk of taking her off some heart meds. This is my testimony! And she more that deserves the raves for being an angel and just getting up doing her thing as the natural healer she is. 


She’s such a fountain of knowledge and heart  with a passion for her work. She does amazing work with children and families too.” 

~Cindy Bonaparte


“…And then came 2016.  I hit a huge road bump and suffered through the worst health issues I could imagine.  I went to every doctor possible — my gp, my OB, cardiologist, psychiatrist. Each one had different predictions and different treatment plans.  All involved medications with a host of side effects. I felt lost and at a dead-end. I made a last-resort post on a facebook group asking for help.  Someone posted Rena Sassi’s name in a response. Nothing else — just her name. She literally came to me in the form of a miracle. She understood every aspect of how I was feeling, from mind, body to soul.  She viewed my body as a whole — unlike the previous doctors who split me up — a cardiologist for my heart, a psychologist for my mind, an OB for my lady parts, etc. Homeopathy seemed to cover everything, and not only that, it even covered parts that normal doctor’s don’t seem to care about.  “does your head hurt when you are standing or sitting? Do you like fresh air? Do you prefer mornings or evenings? Warm water or cold water?” Rena was able to determine the perfect remedy for ‘ME’. That remedy would not have been the same for someone else who had the same ‘physical’ conditions I had.  It was not like Tylenol — which a normal doctor would prescribe to anyone with a headache. It was different. My headache remedy would be different than your headache remedy. My journey through sickness and health led me to trust in homeopathy and only open a jar of curiosity for me. I wanted to know more.  I needed to know more. I was exhilarated to know Rena was going to teach an online course — Her way of teaching made the most difficult concepts so easy. I took copious notes and still refer to all the resources that came along with the course — 


Most recently, I’ve been using it to treat chronic ailments within the family.  My youngest one was recently diagnosed with the flu. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu.  I was a little hesitant and thought to myself that i’d give my homeopathy a chance for one night and if that didn’t work, i’d give the Tamiflu.  One night — that’s how much of a chance I was going to give homeopathy. I came home and gave my son Aconite — and then I opened the family kit that I received with the homeopathy course and I read through the easy to read charts — I gave my son the Snot Blaster remedy of 3 different mixes.  And then, I gave him belladona for his fever and pullsatilla as he was very emotional and needy. The next day — day 3 of the flu (we went to the doctor on day 2) — he woke up without any symptoms. He had energy. No fever. No watery eyes. My husband was pleasantly surprised. That said — I still have a lot to learn.  A really bad cough returned on day 4 and i’m still trying to figure out what to do on that. Looking forward to being a part of this group so that I can read about true and tried remedies and ask questions when I have them. Thank you to Rena — not sure I would be here today without her help.”

~Aisha Shahzadi

“If it weren’t for Rena and Sukuun Holistics, I would not have started listening to my body the way I do today..even being half way across the globe does not stop her from feeling my/my family’s situation and giving me spot-on advice. I am a healthier person since I met Rena, less dependent on doctors who don’t provide explanations, and more eager to deal with the actual CAUSE rather than the symptoms. Thank you!”

~Mina Karathanassi