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10 Stages of Genocide

The masses are having a psychotic episode & history tells this doesn’t end well. Here is a breakdown of the 10 stages of genocide in our current context:


1) In the beginning everyone is classified as a vector of disease regardless of individual state of health & are called “Asymptotic Carriers”, “Super-Spreaders”, etc. And then the classification becomes more specific & adds those who are questioning or refusing the narrative & the official response calling them: “Unvacksinated,” “antivacks”, “anti-maskers”, “anti-science”, “Trumpsters” “conspiracy theorists”, etc.


2) Tests and experimental injections identify the “diseased” & the “dispensible”.


3) People are not able to go to school, work or engage in normal daily activity unless they do #2.


4) This is the pretext this whole thing is founded on.


5) Police and military have already been enlisted to enforce the above but also the media managed to convince regular people to identify, turn in and/or bully, shame & coerce their own friends & family. Also people are programmed to remain silent for fear of being identified as the genocidal target.


6) This is from day 1 and still going!


7) People have been removed from their jobs and schools if not complying but we also know of “quarantine hotels” all over the world. People in Australia are being forcibly removed from their homes and imprisoned in covid camps. This will only intensify.


8) And here we are!!!! We are now at the place where massacres and murders begin. God help us!


9) God help us!


10) They’re already denying everything. Everyday the story changes, which is typical of criminals who pre-emptively confuse to cover their tracks.


I’ve been hearing the call to post this for several months but didn’t because I don’t want to scare everyone. But now when God asks me “did you see the signs, did you warn the people?” I can answer in the affirmative iA


Just because some people want & are on this timelime, doesn’t mean we have to be. We can be on the New Earth timelime, where we live in right relationship with the earth & all her creatures. But we have to be able to see all the timelines in order to choose the higher one.


Godspeed. 🤲🏾✊🏽🙏🏽

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