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Archetypes of the Revolution

In this historical moment, we’re being shown that the FUTURE is the GLOBAL SOUTH & that anyone choosing the PAST COLONIAL TIMELINE will perish with it.
COVID initiated us for this moment. It showed us that our so called humanitarian, international & domestic institutions were compromised, NEO-COLONIAL, OPPRESSIVE AGENCIES, like the WHO, UN, CDC, NHS, etc.
We were warned to begin to divest from such INSTITUTIONS.
COVID showed us that we the PEOPLE need to create, organize & rely on our own SOVERIEGN systems & structures. It showed us that we must prepare for an alternative FUTURE.
Today, PĀLÉSTÏNĘ & SÖUTH ĀFRICA confirmed for the world & especially for the GLOBAL SOUTH, that all these institutions are not only tools of WESTERN OPPRESSION & DOMINATION but that they’re actually dead & rotting.
Today, in addition to indicating themselves as agents of WESTERN COLONIALISM, the failure of the ICJ to stop a clear GÈNØCĪDÉ & the choice to remain in the past as TOOLS of WESTERN COLONIALISM & RACISM confirms the GLOBAL SOUTH will lead us to our COLLECTIVE LIBERATION.
PÂLĘSTÏNÏANS, YÉMENIS & SÖUTH ÀFRICANS represent & EMBODY the LIBERATOR ARCHETYPE, the ARCHETYPE that is currently the most CHARGED & ACTIVATED within the COLLECTIVE & each of us at this moment.
The LIBERATOR ARCHETYPES have been called out & into formation in order to COLLAPSE the previous PAST TIMELINE of the COLONIZER & usher in the FUTURE TIMELINE of the BUILDERS of the NEW EARTH.
The LIBERATION TIMELINE that we’re currently in is our next INITIATION. This is the part where we experience the pangs & pains of BIRTH because this is the ACTIVE LABOR that will bring forth the NEW EARTH.
Though all timelines & archetypes exist simultaneously within us, the COLONIZER ARCHETYPES are asking to be LIBERATED, while the BUILDER ARCHETYPES are working backstage. They’re holding space for our LIBERATOR ARCHETYPES while preparing for the BIRTH of the NEW EARTH.
There are many ways the LIBERATOR ARCHETYPE can show up in this moment but the key quality is “ACTIVE”. The LIBERATOR TIMELINE requires ACTION!
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