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Liberation Demands Action

Liberation Codes

  1. Liberation is not a passive endeavor. It demands labor & action.

  2. Getting free must be done consciously. The only time we get free unconsciously is when we die.

  3. If action doesn’t follow intention, the intention is not sincere.

  4. Action is embodied prayer. How you act is what you’re consciously or unconsciously praying for.

  5. Everybody wants to be a victim in the West because in Western mythology, the victim is entitled to the Promised Land.

  6. “The Masculine holds the space & the Feminine transmutes.” ~ Ustaza Shahrazad Awyan

  7. Sometimes prayers are not answered right away so you can see how easily you give on God.

  8. We need prophetic levels of courage & patience during these next several years. Levels only Allah can provide us. Pray for them daily.

  9. The only work we have is to persevere & to leave everything to God’s Grace.

  10. As per the Karmic agreement, the Global South will be leading the world in our liberation from Western colonization & hegemony.

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