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“Life itself has inherent risk.

You can never hide from risk.

You can only hide from life.

Fear never stops death, it stops life.

Reclaim your precious life by letting go of the irrational fear.”


“Selfishness is imposing inhumane, unjust, irreparable and horrific harms from unscientific/unconstitutional lockdowns and restrictions on the most vulnerable in the world because of your privilege and irrational fear.”


“If you have irrational fear, there’s absolutely nothing preventing you from staying at home. But it’s immoral & unjust to demand that horrific harms be inflicted on most marginalized because of your privilege and selfishness. Irrational fear isn’t a virtue. Ignorance is a choice.”


”’Cases’ are meaningless.

‘Cases’ don’t equal infections.

‘Cases’ drive harmful lockdowns.

‘Cases’ are a tool for irrational fear.”


“Why are people still living their precious lives with irrational fear?

Why are people allowing governments to control them?

Why are people allowing governments to abuse power and violate fundamental freedoms & liberties?

Why are people allowing escalating assaults on humanity?”


“I don’t fear the virus. I fear the horrific harms and tyranny imposed on the people by dangerous governments.”


*All above quotes [except meme] from Dr. Kulvinder Kaur, MD. Follow her on Twitter @dockaurG

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