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2021, The Great Gutting

2021 has been a journey into the psychic labyrinth of our individual & collective underworlds.


It’s not just that our shadows are breaking through to the surface for air, but also that we have been plunged into the dungeons of our psyche.


To meet our fragments & our forgotten prisoners.


Like Innana who descends to the depths of the underworld & is stripped down of all she thinks she is to enter the union of the “I am”, this last year has been a similar journey of meeting & shedding our false selves.


2021, The Great Gutting.


A death.

Many deaths.

All the deaths.


Like childbirth,

a spiral with only one direction.

You must go in to get out.

You must descend to ascend.


A one path road where transformation, transition, & transmutation live.


Unlike a maze that has riddles to solve and choices to make, in the labyrinth you have nothing to do but face all your psychic debris, to look at your own rot, your own emptiness.


All you can do is keep going,

keep letting go.


There is only one way in,

one way out

& one center.

where in & out meet

& death lives.


A stripping down to bare naked truth.



falsehoods revealed,


All must be taken.


Only God exists.☝🏽


In this center I died a thousand deaths this year & offered my corpses to the earth.


Now to keep going,


back out







Feels like I’ve been in labor all year.

Ready for rebirth.

I’m on my out.


insha Allah 🤲🏾

God willing 🙏🏽

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