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The Keeper of The Sacred Number 2 is El Khidr– The Green One, aka Sayidna Idris, aka Enoch, aka Hermes, aka Thoth, aka St. George (as).


The guardian of where the 2 seas meet.

Master of El Barazakh

Custodian of the in between

The bridge between the manifest & unmanifest realms

Conductor & transmitter of cosmic laws & universal substances

The curator of alchemy & transmutation.

The fuser of the many into one.☝🏽


On this sacred day of 22/2/2022 may you be illuminated by the holy light & the mystical powers of the Sacred Keeper of the number 2, the Green One. 💚


And may you be re-membered into being the many twos that return with the Highest Grace back to 1.📿

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