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3’s Confirmation

A few days ago, I shared this BRAND acronym [swipe to 2nd photo] w/ a 3rd client in 1 week for extraneous m€d|cal interventions & procedures suggested to them by the m€d|cal establishment.


Sunday I went to ER for a suspected ruptured ovary* & had my acronym ready alhamdulillah.


Today I wake up to find that my home state in US is passing a law to censor & un-license ph¥s|c|ans who dissent or question establishment m€d|cine.


So though I had already known I was being directed to share the acroynm when my 3rd client in 1 week needed it, the 2 things that followed re-affirmed that we are stepping into a space once again as a collective where we’re being given the opportunity to reclaim our birthright to informed consent & informed refusal.


Body autonomy & self determination are your human birthright.


Both require you be totally informed & that you are able to consent or refuse without coercion or negative consequences.


Please take a screenshot of the acronym & have it handy with you just in case & God forbid.




*I’m much better now alhamdullah 1000000!! There was no rupture but a hemorrhagic cyst, which is the best outcome really, All Praise to The Highest!!!. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


And in this case thank God for diagnostic medicine! I do believe there can be a safe a place for technology in m€d|c|ne & we are fully capable of understanding & discerning when it’s necessary & when not for ourselves & our families.


May you all be well, healthy & free.


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