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Acute Illness is Where The Light Enters You

If our immune systems don’t get sick from minor colds & flus, they will not be able to get better from more serious diseases.


Children who get more acute illnesses are less likely to develop chronic illnesses as adults.


My homeopathy teacher used to always say “people who get colds, don’t get cancer.”


Like a muscle in our body, the immune system needs to be challenged to build strength. It is challenged not only by being exposed to germs & non-self entities, but also by getting sick & exercising its function of differentiating & building knowledge of self, to establish autonomy & sovereignty.


In this way, our immune system’s are no different than our human soul which is enlightened through avenues of challenge, difficulties & rites of passage.


In this way, Rumi’s wisdom & metaphysical laws reverberate throughout our being.

When our ancient masters pass on these mysteries as knowledge, they can be generalized to all our parts and to the whole. To the parts of our bodies, to the the parts of our communities, to our collective human family.


What happens to the soul happens to the body. What happens to the body, happens to the soul.

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