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Anatomy of the Soul

A lot of our dis-eases, traumas, triggers, even shadows are not ours.


We’ve inherited them from our ancestors, tribes, family, culture, society & even collective historical & contemporary experiences.


Inherited dis-ease patterns, or energetic imbalances, are called miasms & here’s how they work…


Like our physical, emotional & mental bodies, our soul or vital force is also made up of multi-layered interdependent & interfunctioning systems & organs.


Though all interconnected, each layer of our soul/vital force holds & communicates specific energetic information, wounding, intelligence.


As you can see, we can continue to divide circles into more concentric circles ad infinitum.


However, to simplify, let us begin with the polarities first– the *lower* & *upper* souls.


The first 3 centers [2nd photo] hold the imprints, data & information of the *lower* soul & earth energies. While the next 4 centers [3rd photo] keeps & communicates cosmic energies & belongs to the *upper* soul.


The charts offer a VERY basic description of the different imprints or kind of data each layer holds & communicates, be they healthy or dysfunctional.


In my experience, dis-ease originates from disturbances, karma, unhealed wounds, traumas, shadows & blocks in the 3 earth-based centers first.


Because the centers linked to the *upper* dimensions are corruptible only in so far as they relate to earth energies thru the architecture of the *lower* soul.


And b/c we’re all part of the human collective, there are shared universal patterns of disturbance or dis-ease imprints we all need clearing.


Or in other words, there are certain universal vibrational medicines we all need for true, deep & whole healing.


Stay tuned for more info on collective healing of the primordial & universal mother wound through initiations of rebirth with homeopathic medicines made from the process of birth. So exciting! 🌌

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