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This is one of my skills, pairing ancient technologies w/ modern ones. These are 2 archetypal systems juxtaposed: 1 is the Map of the Cosmos according to Ibn Arabi (qs), the ascended master & greatest metaphysician. The 2nd is @carolinemyss’ Archetypal Wheel. I am currently contemplating the two systems as a way of understanding the individual mechanics of the soul, & to deepen understanding of metaphysics, ourselves & how we negotiate power within.


Archetypes are energetic patterns expressed in the universe, the collective subconscious. They are aspects of creation we can all recognize w/out explanation. For example, every living being has an understanding of death. Even animals recognize death & often express grief or engage in ritual to honor the passing of their kin. Death is an eternal archetype w/ certain universal attributes: decomposition, transformation, disembodiment, transmutation, regeneration. We all understand death even though we don’t really.


The universe is essentially organized through archetypes; for Sufis the entire created universe is manifestations of Divine Archetypes. Ancient systems aim to decode & understand the organization of particular archetypal systems, like astrology & the study of celestial archetypes.


Personality archetypes, which are most associated w/ Carl Jung can also be found in the Sufi Enneagram system (which unfortunately has been largely appropriated & distorted), & is the system of learning the archetypal organization & mechanics of our psyche/soul. Knowing one’s archetypes, grants insight into the management of our psyche/souls.


All archetypes hold both light & shadow attributes, so identifying & building relationships w/ one’s archetypes allows us an opportunity for shadow work & transmuting darkness into light. Archetypal work is perhaps amongst the most powerful tools to have on the healing journey.


I’ve been working w/ archetypal systems my whole life & I’m particularly literate & well versed in archetypal systems of medicine, healing & human transformation. I speak, read, breathe archetypes & the symbolic.

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