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This year our back to school immune system challenge (our first flu) started the first week of a school instead of the 3rd to 5th as it usually does. So I wasn’t prepared with my additional immune system boosters like homemade elderberry syrup and zinc lozenges. I got on that real quick. (Check out my homemade elderberry syrup here and Top 7 Food & Supplements to Give to Children Daily).


You know me though, I like a good challenge and I don’t have flu phobia thankfully. According to all the healing sciences I study the occasional flu is good for children’s immune system, read more about The Healing Power of the Flu here.


In fact, immune system challenges are exactly how the immune system builds strength, memory, and understanding about what it is and isn’t. The primary function of the immune system is individuation—or determining what is self (host) and non-self (pathogen). It gains this skill of discernment of self and how to defend against non-self by being exposed to non-self/pathogens. As a homeopath, I have found that the best way to assist the immune system in this lifelong journey of self-differentiation and protection is through homeoprophylaxis: the immune system educator. A system whereby we introduce the energetics of certain disease pathogens (not material doses) to the child’s system as a way to educate the immune system on that disease in particular while also building the child’s general immune response and awareness. Read more about homeoprophylaxis and building up your child’s immune system through homeopathy here.


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