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Colonizer Lockdowns

That is a kid on the back of the truck and we’re on a major highway!


This is why colonizers (Europeans & Americans) are so afraid of death, because they do not witness the possibility or that actuality of it in every single moment.


For the colonizers who believe in nothing but themselves, death is something that can be controlled & avoided. But traditional people, people of faith, know that our moments of death are already written & no, a mask is not going to protect us from it.


White people are so entitled not to die that they forced 8 billion people into a global shut down. If it weren’t so devastating it would be laughable. People in settler colonial states are delusional if they think that over-populated 3rd world people can social distance & isolate so that they won’t die.


3rd world countries that are pretending to lockdown just to appease the colonizers, like India & Egypt, are not faring any worse than European countries who are in full lockdown. For example, 1400 people will share one toilet in the slums of India. You’re kidding yourself if you think brown & black people around the world are playing along with this masquerade or that this is about saving lives. Their governments might be playing the game but the people are living their lives because they have to & because death is something they confront everyday.


And please don’t try to come on here arguing numbers & lockdowns w/ me, you’re wasting your breath. If this bothers you, feel free to unfollow me. You can be right & I can be right too. Peace.✌🏽

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