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Colonizer medicine positions the human as separate from nature & a victim of it. Nature is deemed to be without intelligence, random & competitive. Although separate from & a victim of nature, the human being is likewise considered to be without innate intelligence, random & competitive.

In this paradigm, only colonizer medicine has all the intelligence & the technologies to save us. This system of medicine aims to colonize our bodies & minds by convincing us that we need it to survive; the human body needs saving & can only be saved by the technologies & intelligence of the medical industrial complex.

Doesn’t this sound like the same narrative & reasoning the military industrial complex gives us when invading & extracting from the lands & people of the “savage,” the “backwards,” the “undemocratic?” It is akin to saying “We must invade and take over this people & land for the sake of spreading democracy.” Typical colonizer jargon. Colonizer medicine is the white savior or the “democracy” that our poor rejected tyrannized human bodies need to survive & be free.

Colonizer paradigms of victim, villian & savior are implicit in all structures & systems now firmly entrenched in the collective. But the colonizer timeline has been cosmically revoked & is in collapse. Hence this final belligerent attempt to colonize the human body by manipulating & rewriting human DNA through vacksines. THIS is the height of colonizer hubris: “pretending to know better than millions of years of immunity obtained through symbiosis with the microbiome of the earth.”

What colonizer medicine doesn’t want you to know is that your human body IS nature. We are one with it not separate. And ALL of nature has billions of years of evolutionary intelligence programmed into it. We have millions of years of innate biological medicine & knowledge programmed into our DNA.

Be careful who you surrender this extraordinary program of innate biological intelligence to. Do you really want to surrender your DNA to man-made colonizer technologies? Do you really want the white man to “save” you?

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