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I find all sides of social & political issues are acting like cultists right now.


They all follow:

1) total adherence to ideology & its approved behaviors,

2) virtue signaling & trauma bonding,

3) regurgitation of unexamined jargon,

4) suppression, silencing, shaming, gaslighting, & censorship of dissent, questioning & criticisms,

5) symbolic gestures & rituals of devotion,

6) idolization of a perceived object of power,

7) alienation from self & self agency,

8) self-sacrifice for group approval,

9) belief in self righteousness & moral superiority of ideology

10) delusion that all else are damned & should be silenced, converted or disappeared.


I first noticed this a few years ago but it really started to come through when the vyrus hit & some former liberals began questioning the mainstream narrative. Many suddenly “turned” conservative Trump supporters.


I know that being called a Trump supporter & conspiracy theorists was one of the ways people questioning the narrative or offering alternative views are censored. I know this because I was called those things & I am NOT a Trump supporter, never have been, didn’t become one & never will be.


But many did became Trump supporters or just attached to any alternative group they could find.


I didnt because I understand tribal law.


I do not need to join groups or follow a herd just for a sense of belonging.


I do not need to be validated by a tribe to trust my intuition, to know what I know, to hear God’s command.


I have healed a lot of wounding around my need for belonging & for community co-dependency & I’ve learned to trust my inner guidance & higher voice.


I follow the direction & command of my Creator not of my tribes alhamdulillah.


Unfortunately I now see this cult behavior in every single group around me– leftists, conservatives, religious, atheists, secularists, spiritualists, friends, family, health workers, scientists, doctors, everyone!


And it makes me feel more & more that all I want to be with is God.

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