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This is one of the ways I discern truth, i ask: is this a universal phenomenon expressed throughout all cultures & time?


I check in w/ wisdoms & traditions of all our ancestors– do we see this thing in question socially expressed through time & space? If the answer is yes, I can accept it as truth. If it is no, i will begin to question its safety, integrity & authenticity.


Our ancestors knew a lot! And most importantly they knew how to live in harmony w/ the earth & its life cycles.


I don’t want to have to re-discover sound philosophies, knowledge & life systems!


I believe all people are guided by the Divine towards Truth in their own beautifully, culturally specific way & we can respect & honor the many universal wisdoms of the people of the world.


I believe religions & spiritual traditions are keepers of Divine Knowledge & Truth, & our ancestors & guides are our portals to them.


For example: have any of ancestors ever engaged in large scale social experiments of injectable substances into the human blood stream? There have a been a few instances in history actually & they’ve all been done for genocidal purposes.


But is it a universal? No.


None of the traditional systems of medicine have ever done such a thing while being fully capable of it. [Please don’t tell me you still think syringes & vacksines are a Western invention?! Syringes have been around for millennia & inoculation was practiced by Muslims & Chinese since antiquity!]


This then for me is a universal truth: medical social experiments of injectable gene altering substances into the human blood stream are not only unethical, crimes against humanity & the earth, but most importantly against God.


In fact, I think most traditional systems of medicine would deem these activities a form of dark magic, which are essentially crimes against cosmic laws.


This is one of the ways I discern a truth, or a micro expression of a larger Truth being communicated to me by God– I check in with our ancestors.


This is one way I read my Creator’s signs. And it is available to you too.


May The Divine Guide us all.

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