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Decisions from Fear

It’s okay to admit you were wrong.


I have been wrong on many things in my life, especially when I thought for sure I had the right answer.


One of my biggest wrongs was wanting the US ” to aid” Libya in the removal of Qaddafi in 2011 during the Arab revolutions. I was so scared he was going to genocide the entire population & my whole family, that I welcomed US military intervention for the first & only time in my life.


Even though I am not a top level decision maker & obviously didn’t make the intervention happen all on my own, I see in hindsight how terrible of a wish or prayer that was & how my psyche & conscience had been hijacked by collective fear & politics. Politics after all is the manifestation of our collective psyche.


Decisions or choices made in fear or distrust of the Divine Plan are made from shadow & will therefore result in more suffering, pain & pathology.


It’s time for some serious self-accountablity & shadow work (most likely with your victim archetype) if you are still reacting & deciding from fear.


The first step to liberation is holding one’s self accountable.



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