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Dismantling Victim Consciousness

The primary paradigm being collapsed by the cosmos right now is the master/slave, victim/perpetrator dynamic that has usurped both the consciousness of individuals & the collective.


What are the ways COVID is dismantling the victim template in the collective?


COVID has shown us the following:

•structural racial health disparities,

•the governing principle of the medical industrial complex is based on the victim/villain/savior dynamic

•who we believe are villains (nature), victims (humans) & saviors (industrial/colonial systems),

•our codependency on government & corporate (colonizer) institutions,

•our fear of life & death,

•who we believe has agency & authority over us,

•who we believe we are & the role we play, (we are potential victims of nature unless we become the aggressor, unless we control it),

•our refusal to own our mistakes as an abusive & extractive civilization,

•who & what we allocate power to,

•who & what we give agency to,

•what karmic imprints we have programmed in our psyche,


Have you noticed that covid activated the victim within most if not all of us? What have you done with this activation? Have you dug deeper to examine this aspect of yourself or have you dug yourself deeper into the victim/perpetrator dynamic by outsourcing your authority to external powers, tribal politics & the experts?


I offer liberation codes for dismantling victim programming in my ebook “Decolonizing Our Souls : Liberation Medicine for BIPOC”.


Would you like to do more work with your victim? What do you need from me? More help with self -examination? Help with transmutation? Talk to me.


*PS An alchemist secret: I took the COVID nosode (see my work on HP) & downloaded and wrote my book on Decolonizing Our Souls a month later. The energetic medicine of COVID is the dismantling of victim consciousness & expanding human consciousness into higher dimensions. Thus, not only is it an immune system upgrade, but the COVID nosode also offers a consciousness upgrade. This is the alchemy of turning dis-ease into medicine, which is all of HP!


Reach out for more info on HP & nosodes.

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