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Doing the Beautiful

In cosmic law there is either Truth, which is beautiful & in harmony with all that is, in alignment, in ease & flow, or there is distortion, which is “ugly” & in dissonance with cosmic order.


The universe is programmed with the imperative to self-correct & heal disortion. It is motivated by & coded for Truth, for Beauty.


May we be enriched & activated by the universal love code to see, account for & correct our own distortions.


To be in service to Truth, by doing the beautiful & by becoming beauty. 🤲🏾📿


📷Depiction of the holy buraq– a mystical winged half-human horse that lives in the unseen realms & who carried the beloved of Allah, Prophet Mohamed [as], through his ascension to the highest dimensions. We all need a buraq to ascend.🦄 🐎


DM me for support in doing the beautiful.🦋

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