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Ego Bucking

If I had a penny for all the many ways my ego just doesn’t want to oblige my spirit.


And damn, its excuses are so logical!


The path of the saboteur is the most logical.


My Sufi teacher says that the ego must be bargained with.


Not to be punitive with it or else it becomes rebellious & difficult to discipline.


Not to put wholesale bans on certain behaviors, habits or patterns but to stay in negotiation with it.


Tell the ego: you can do or have this thing you want but you gotta do this for me too.


Out of 100 things you want the ego to let go of or stop doing, agree w/ it to give up 1 thing or stop doing it only once for now. Tell it: you can do what you want 99 times & just let this 1 time go. For now.😉


With time the ego will be emptied & absorbed into the real you, into your essence, into your spirit.


All will be under the one unified command of your *higher* soul.


The ego can’t be killed but it can be dissolved & integrated into the REAL you & brought into alignment with your spirit.


The ego is your horse, either you ride it or it rides you.🐎

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