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How much have you invested in the matrix with your energetic votes?


Because the return on investment in a corrupt system will be equally corrupt.


Everything is a vibrational vote determining or funding the dynamics of your reality.


Even denial or resistance to the matrix is an investment in it.


So how are you financing or divesting from the current collapse of the world we’ve built for ourselves & our children?


Right now, with the collective shadow out in plain sight you are being asked if you want to continue to invest in an unsustainable anti-human corrupt system in collapse, or not?


You can spend your energy currency & vote by clinging to it (consciously or not) or in the transformation & rebirth.


It’s time to examine how you are casting your energetic votes & redirect your investments towards the world you want to see, towards a world that is sustainable, centered on life, balance & beauty & in harmony with all that is.


A New Earth.


Everyone has a choice.

Everyone gets to vote.🌐

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