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Everybody is Brainwashed

This is a permission slip to activate your self agency through radical accountability. What inauthentic beliefs & thought forms have come to the end of their life & need to be released now? What needs discarding, composting, recycling? What is being called back to the universe for transformation?

I will be laying to rest the following for our Death Ritual 2020/Age of Pisces: •colonizer paradigms (i.e. victim/oppressor systems) •ancestral & karmic contracts to enslavement, victimization & war •distortions of sacred truths •group think •self-betrayal •needing to belong •external validation •saving others •superficial or uneven friendships •internalizing projections from others

What about you?

We’ll be sharing more tomorrow on Death/Rebirth in tomorrow’s podcast w/ @pevannier as we release & close 2020//Age of Pisces & usher in the New Earth of 2021//Age of Aquarius on winter solstice iA. Stay tuned!

We also have very exciting new things coming in 2021 like Archetypal Readings & Sacred Contract Work iA! I can’t wait to share!

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