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On my recent post (where I wrote about the fear of death & white entitlement not to die), @anxious_anywhere_everywhere_ commented that Egyptians will jump into a burning fire to save people & put it out. Well here is hard evidence #1!


We were going for a visit with some locals & one of them detected smoke from a distance. We drove over & all 3 of them jumped out & ran directly into the fire by jumping the wall & assisting other locals in putting it out with buckets and a hose. Remember that thing about knowing the government is not here to help & they must rely on themselves for survival? Evidence #2!


As suspected, the government fire department shows up at the very end once the fire was under control (2nd video, evidence #3!).


I was so scared there were people trapped (this is highly populated area of Bedoin homes) & all i could do was pray from a distance.


Alhamdullilah // All Praise To the Most High no one was hurt or stuck. Writing this now is bringing to tears of relief & awe over the bravery of Egyptians.


Death is a natural part of life. When we accept that miracles happen.


Praise God! Allahu Akbar!

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